When it comes to explainer videos, did you know that it all starts with a wonderful script?

If you're looking for a cost-effective tool that can help you attract the attention of your prospects and nurture them with useful content to persuade them to take “the next step”, this blog post is perfect for you. Dive into the concept of “inbound marketing” and learn how you can use video content to educate and guide your leads through each stage of the sales funnel. Join us!


What Is Inbound Marketing?

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is...invaluable! We wanted to make it really simple for you and that's why we developed this brief video that quickly explains what inbound marketing is and how you can take advantage of this useful technique. Check it out!

So, in a nutshell: inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that aims at attracting, educating and empowering consumers by providing them with valuable content until they're ready to buy your product.

The Buyer's Journey: Key Stages

Inbound marketing goes hand in hand with the concept of the “buyer's journey”, also known as the “sales funnel”. And in this particular “tour” we can differentiate 3 key stages. Let me sum them up:

#1: Awareness: at this stage, your prospect already knows that he has a huge problem and is spending his time researching which vendors can offer him a suitable solution.

#2: Consideration: at this point, your prospect is analyzing and “weighing” the different alternatives he finds in the market. He's just “considering” the several options he's researched and hasn't come to a final decision yet.

#3: Decision: and now, the decisive stage - your prospect finally makes up his mind and chooses the company/vendor that will help him with a solution.

Of course you can resort to many types of marketing content to “guide” your prospects through each of these stages. But believe me: nothing is SO powerful, engaging and compelling as video content is, in terms of marketing results  (if you still have doubts about this, check out these 15 amazing stats about video marketing).

Using Video Content To Enhance Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

So, how can video content help you through each of the stages and which types of videos are the best choice for each case?

Awareness Stage

At this key instance for attracting visitors, video content is perfect to quickly grab your audience's attention by using a cool, attractive, educative and engaging format. With this in mind, educational videos work very well to teach your audience and tell them about a specific topic they might be interested in. Keep in mind that your goal here is to generate awareness.

Check out this good example of an educational video:

If you want to learn more about attracting visitors, don't miss this article on how to use video content for the Awareness Stage of the buyer's journey.

Consideration Stage

Now it's time to convert your visitors into leads. As video content is great for grabbing your audience's attention it gives you enough time to pass out the specific key messages of your brand/product. Moreover, video content is highly entertaining and makes your visitors stay longer on your website. This way you will be encouraging them to take the next step and finally add them to your “subscribers list” :)  At this stage you can resort to explainer videos, process videos, or product videos, as the best options out there.


Tip: here you have some additional information on how to plan your video content for the consideration stage of the sales funnel ;)

Decision Stage

Video content can become your key ally when it comes to closing deals! Remember that it's highly persuasive and it also has another amazing ability: generating an emotional bond towards your brand. And hey! Trust and confidence towards your brand is the foundation they need to choose you as their vendor! At this point, the best video formats are about us videos, testimonial videos, success stories, case studies, or any other type of video that tells the world how people have benefited from your product.

This is a good example of a testimonial video:

Tip: don't miss this complementary information on how to use video content for the decision stage of the buyer's journey!

Are you ready to start producing video content to boost your marketing efforts? :)
Meanwhile, we invite you to surf our Video Marketing Resources to keep on learning about this fascinating world!


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