Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-4-533217-editedNot sure about what an explainer video is? Get in the mood with this fun and catchy animated marketing video, which was selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos on the web:

Now we´re ready to move on. This is just one more style among the wide range of alternatives the animated explainer video production world places in your hands.  Logically, any company can be promoted using any kind of animated marketing video…but the truth is that, depending on your marketing goals and the target audience you´re aiming to, some styles of animated video fit better in one case than in other. 

To help you out, we´ve developed a special video called “What is the best explainer video style for your business” that sums up every video style and when to use each one:

As you can see, we can talk about 5 different video styles (stay alert…there´s a bonus video style at the end).  


The best part about character animated videos is that they give a strong dose of emotion and personality to your brand (it´s also one of the most popular animated marketing video styles). This type of video uses custom designed animated characters to tell a catchy, entertaining and memorable story: this is, how the main character (your buyer persona) solves their problems (your audience problems), with the help of your product. Great for B2C markets, although B2B companies use it a lot too to pass out a friendlier and warmer approach. 


If you have a startup business and a limited budget, this type of video could work great for you. The screencast video is generally used for educational or try-before-you-buy campaigns, but it´s not the best choice if you want to run a branding campaign or if you want to invest in paid marketing campaigns. Generally, they’re no longer than 5 minutes. During this time, to get the most out of its possibilities, you give a comprehensive explanation about your product, by simply using a screen capture or even a video filmed on a computer or smartphone. Watch this clear example:


This type of video is perfect to use to explain complex concepts in a straightforward way. In whiteboard animation videos, the story is told in front of the viewer’s eye. In the past, these videos were made by an artist drawing on a whiteboard while being recorded. Then this technique was improved and nowadays it has become fully digital, offering great possibilities, such as 2D character animation and special effects. It´s a perfect choice for IT solutions, computer software companies and B2B campaigns. 



Do you need to explain abstract or complex information, while creating strong brand engagement? Then you need a motion graphics video, which combines an elegant style using syntax and metaphors, and a full pallet of colors that makes it even more appealing. To make it clearer: it uses graphic elements (shapes, colors and patterns) to pass on a message through a smooth movement. It´s a great choice if you have a startup or SMB from financial or technology industries. It´s also possible to mix the motion graphics technique with the character animation video. Read this article and learn more!



Live action videos are recorded using a camera and they´re a great choice for companies that need to build a more personal approach between them and their target audience, by showing real people in real scenes. You can go further and add 3D elements to your live action video, like in this example, or even mix it with motion graphics, having then the possibility to express ideas that would be really hard to express using Live Action only. Watch this example we´ve developed for Stocks In Value:


Last but not least…the bonus video: animated marketing videos can also be used for educational purposes. Educational videos are great to train and educate your team: you can use them to introduce new processes and polices, to share knowledge and coach your team in different areas, and much more. If you want to learn about how educational videos can help you train your staff, read this article.

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