Yum-Yum-Videos-Explainer-Video-Explainer-Video-Styles-Example-THUMBYou already know the huge advantages of animated marketing videos. Don´t you? If you don´t, take a look at this article to get a big picture of what animated marketing videos can do for your business! With this in mind, we´re ready to move on.

These engaging and fun videos are great to use to talk about your company or product and they can show up in different styles. Each style goes hand in hand with the target audience you´re aiming at. The question is: what is the best animated explainer video style for your business?

Yum-Yum-Videos-Explainer-Video-Explainer-Video-Styles-ExampleVideo production: What is the best animated marketing video style for your business?

Without a doubt, an explainer video production company can be the perfect consultant on this matter, but it´s also very useful for you to know exactly which format video suits you better.

Let´s start with this fun and useful tutorial video :

Now, let´s go deeper to understand each style:


This style of video is generally used on educational or try-before-you-buy campaigns (they´re not the right choice for branding or paid marketing campaigns, like YouTube ads). They´re usually 5 minutes long to give a thorough explanation about your product: a simple screen capture or even a video filmed on a computer or smartphone are enough to produce these kinds of videos. If you´re running a startup business and have a limited budget, this could be a good one to start with before trying more complex videos.


Also called “character animated videos”, this is one of the most popular animated marketing video styles. Its custom designed animated characters bring emotion and personality to your brand. What are the main advantages? It catches attention quickly, is entertaining and memorable. In this kind of video, storytelling is a huge resource: the main character (which represents your buyer persona) solves his problems (this is, your audience problems) with the help of your product/service. Cartoon animation videos are perfect for B2C markets since they´re entertaining, catchy and create a strong emotional bond with the audience. However, they might also be used for B2B companies that want to give off a more friendly approach.


This kind of video is perfect to grab your audience's attention: the story is being created in front of the viewer's eyes. Traditionally, these videos were made by an artist who drew on a whiteboard while being recorded by a camera. Nowadays, these videos have gone further, becoming fully digital, adding 2D character animation and even special effects. Due to their educational approach, whiteboard videos great for marketing IT solutions, computer software companies and B2B campaigns, as they explain complex concepts in a straightforward way.


Just as its name implies, this technique uses graphics elements (such as shapes, colors and patterns) to communicate a message through a smooth movement. This is the type of animated explainer video usually chosen by startups or SMB’s from financial or techie industries that need to explain abstract or complex information, as it guarantees  strong brand engagement (the motion graphics video uses an elegant style but at the same time it appeals to syntax and metaphors, combined with a beautiful pallet of colors, which makes it even more attractive).


If you don´t have budget limitations, this can be a perfect choice! Nevertheless, we don´t recommend this type of video for startups or small companies, since it requires a big budget and several months of work (a change of graphics could take days; an animation adjustment could take even weeks). Instead, cartoon animation and motion graphics can add measures of 3D animation to make the video even more eye-catching, without the need to invest too much money.

 These are the most popular animated video production styles that you may find. So review your marketing goals, identify your target audience and the product/service you want to promote, and…get on with it! Choose the best explainer video production company to work hand in hand with you.

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