When you need a video for your business’s communication processes, there are a number of reasons that you should hire a professional video production company to do it, rather than trying to pull the whole thing off on your own.

You can and should get involved in the process though. And the very first thing that concerns you about this issue, is choosing which video company you want to share the ride with. Here are a few things you need to consider when making this important decision.


  1. Production process: Creating a video requires teamwork. It requires many different people playing different roles and the product of their efforts should blend into one consistent video that meets all your company’s needs. For this to happen, they must work with a specific method, with very clear roles and a time frame.
  1. Expert staff: Every single employee of the company of your choice will be able to influence your image, so you want them to do so in a positive way, by creating a video with an intelligent script, great photography, a brilliant voice-over actor and a flawless edition. But there is no way in which any of this will actually happen without all of these people being nothing short of straight up pros in the industry.inside-yum-yum-videos-2.jpg
  1. Let the world know: A company that cannot offer the service of promoting your video, or doesn’t even consider this stage during the production process, should be one big no-no to you. It’s like ripping the “marketing” part off from the “video marketing”. You need results out of your videos, and for this to happen, the videos must be found by your audience on the internet sites they are usually on . Your company shouldn’t feel too troubled by this petty commercial stage of their job, otherwise you will have to start looking again.
  1. Details, details, details: Let’s say you need to hire a chemist, and you are about to receive a candidate for an interview. He comes on time and he proves to know his craft, but his clothes are dirty, he uses slang as he speaks with you, and he just can’t handle a conversation. If you come to think of it, you don’t want this guy for his charisma, but maybe you need him in a lab, and he doesn’t seem to be very careful. Maybe he is, but it doesn’t look that way. This is exactly why a video company should be detail oriented. Every communication piece is produced, among other things, to create the right image for your business. A small but notorious mistake in the editing phase, a slightly exaggerated acting part, or any other difficulty of this kind could make the final result of your video suffer significantly.inside-yum-yum-videos3.jpg
  1. Communication and feedback: As I said before, you should get involved in this process yourself. But for that to happen, you need a client oriented company, that will put listening to you first, so you can provide them with all the information they need, make the necessary changes during the process and facilitate feedback between both in general. Of course, once the company is aware of your needs and requirements, everyone you need to should also know about them, or at least the part they need.
  1. Out of the box: Being able to get your prospect’s attention is crucial in marketing. That’s why it is also massively important to get creative about it, to think of something that your audience has never seen before, that they can like and that you can say and be considered relevant. This goes for all content out there, including, of course, marketing videos.

Want more guidance on making this decision? Here, take a look at our guide on how to choose your explainer video company. Find the right one for you, discover how much fun it can be to watch them do all the work for you, and realize how massive the boost your business can get from actual professional video marketing.

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