Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-FRY-thumbSo you’ve heard that animated explainer videos are great marketing tools that can make your business grow, reduce your website’s bounce rate, boost your conversions up to 20% and even increase your performance on a Google search, and you’re now thinking “what am I waiting for? Let’s go for an explainer video right now!


Whoa, wait a minute there cowboy! Before you rush to invest in your own video, there are some things you need to learn:


Explainer Videos Are Not Ordinary Videos

First of all, may there be no mistake: explainer videos are so much more than run-of-the-mill videos!


For starters, they’re a marketing tool, so they’re always crafted to give a clear business goal and are conducted to a particular target audience. In other words, they follow a clear marketing objective.

As any other marketing tool, your explainer video needs to follow an objective for you to know whether your investment was successful or not, and then learn from your actions. This can be done afterwards by measuring your video’s performance (like viewership, bounce rate and conversions), and there are many video metrics tools at your service to check these numbers. It’s vital to have your sales plan ready from scratch.


Explainer Videos Are Based On Your Target Audience

The raw material of an animated explainer video is nothing but what you know about your audience and your own brand.


Your video must focus on your audience’s problems and show how your product or service could help to solve them, so you need to be an expert in your target market in order to make a great explainer video.

Before you start searching for an explainer video production company to have your video made, learn all about your target audience (how old they are, where they live, what they look like, what their hobbies are, what they’d expect from a company like yours, etc.) and know exactly how to portray your brand to them (Do you want to be recognized as a cool brand, a serious business company or a state-of-the-art service provider?).

Many more questions need to be made, but don’t despair! A good explainer video production company should guide you in the video making process, so they’ll surely ask for all the information they need in order to a make the best video for you.


Explainer Videos Need a Clear Call-to-Action

Imagine your explainer video as an arrow and your marketing goal as the target. If you don’t have a proper target you won’t be able to use your arrow in the way that it’s supposed to be used.


Your arrow must drive your potential customers to a final call-to-action, which is the precise action you want your audience to take after watching the video such as: download an eBook, subscribe to a mailing list, or purchase a product or service.

So take a couple of days to think about your marketing goals and your company’s needs. Define a cut-clear call-to-action to make it so. Only then start planning your video production.

If your campaign needs two types of call-to-action (such as download and subscribe), you can always make an A/B split test; (that’s two similar versions of your explainer video with different calls-to-action). That way, you’d be able to test them separately and learn which one works better for your target audience.


Explainer Videos Are Not Magical


Explainer videos can be awesome for your brand but they can’t work on their ownIn order for them to become a successful tool, you need to make your videos visible. And to make this happen, you need a clever online marketing campaign.

So, keep your blog updated and interesting for your audience, craft a neat SEO campaign to help your online visibility, plan a buzzy social media strategy and invest some of your budget on ad campaigns. All of the elements in your campaign must work side by side in order for your brand to grow up to the skies!


Overall, explainer videos can be a great investment for your online company, but before you start thinking of having one of them made, you should know all about them in order to get the most benefits out of them!

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