Social networks are where people spend a lot of their time online nowadays.

Video is one of the most engaging and shareable types of marketing content, so  why not complement both of them to take your video content campaign to the next level? Join us in this article and learn what the best social network is to promote your videos.


Video Content On Social Networks

Video content is rocking the web in general, and the digital marketing world in particular, due to its great power to connect with audiences, and for being the ideal type of content to combine creativity, a clear and straightforward message, engagement, awareness and memorability.

In this context, social networks can be part of the game and they're including more and more features that make it easy to consume and share videos. But, this doesn't mean that every social network fits with every kind of business or type of video.

If you want to get good results, first you need to do some research and analyze different factors in order to understand which social networks you should use to promote your video. Keep on reading and get some interesting data on how to make this key choice!

5 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Social Network For Your Videos

#1: Analyze the characteristics of your target audience

How could you think about targeting a specific audience without knowing where you can find them? Keep in mind that each social platform has its own main target audience and, according to the social network you choose, you may find a prevalence of different ages, genders, interests, etc. First, have a clear idea of the target audience you're aiming for, and next, do some research to understand where you can find it. For instance, Snapchat is mainly for younger people, Pinterest has a marked percentage of users who are women, etc. Analyze these points and choose which ones aligns better with your business!



#2: Know the idiosyncrasies of each social network

Just because they have a generic name that identifies them as part of the same group, “social networks”, doesn't mean they're all the same and used for the same goals. Each social platform has a specific raison d'être, are used in some specific way, for some specific target audience, has its own style and brand, and so on. And, in this sense, each social network also has its own features to post and share videos.  Check out what each platform offers you and see if they meet your expectations.

#3: Evaluate the need to promote videos through ads

Promoting your video content by carrying out an advertising campaign can be a good alternative to give it greater exposure and visibility. Each social network can offer different advertising options - this is another key consideration you should bear in mind when selecting the right social platform to promote your videos.

#4: Define the type of content you want to promote

As each social network has its own idiosyncrasy, you have to choose wisely according to the type of video content you want to promote. LinkedIn, for instance, is related to the business world - if you have a corporate video, or an explainer video that talks about your business idea, this is a great choice for you. Conversely, if you have a funny cool video and want to make it go viral, Facebook could work well. So, first think about what you want to communicate and then choose the right channel to make it happen.


#5: Test and measure the results

Ultimately, it's all about testing, testing and testing... and measuring results. Start by choosing those networks that you think  could be the best fit for the video you want to promote, give it some time and analyze its performance. This way you'll be able to confirm or dismiss the hypothesis that they were the right choice.

If you're already promoting your content on social media platforms (I bet you are!) don't miss these 5 sins that could turn your social media campaign into a nightmare!

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