Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Time-to-invest-22Big question right there.

Many times, online businesses focus on the cost of explainer video production or in the amount of time taken for that matter, and they miss one of the most important cost-effective benefits of these videos: their vast return over investment (ROI).

52% of US-based marketers claim that marketing videos are the online content with the best ROI and explainer videos in particular have made many brands’ revenue skyrocket: With a single explainer video on their landing page, Dropbox produced 50 million dollars in a year and Groupon made 24 million. Still thinking about production costs?


The question isn’t whether to invest in an explainer video or not but when’s the right time to do it!


1. When hundreds visit your website but no one converts

A standard problem for most online businesses is called a bounce rate: this number reveals the amount of people that enter your website and leave without making any interaction. No clicking, no reading, no subscribing, no nothing; they just bounce and go away. It doesn’t matter how much you’re spending on traffic-leading ads if you don’t even have enough time to explain how you can help them.


An explainer video above the fold on your website or landing page beats bounce rate, making visitors stay 2 minutes longer on average: enough time for you to explain your business idea, show your potential customers how your product or service works, and entertain them with a great story. Besides, it will make them more confident about their purchase decision because it’s proven that explainer videos boost website conversions by 20% on average. Crazy Egg, for example, had an outstanding 64% conversion boost in one month from their explainer video.


2. When you need a greater social media presence

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (just behind its owner Google) and the 3rd largest social network (a few steps behind the juggernauts Facebook and Twitter). This is no coincidence: online video has been taking over social media during the last couple of years. Twitter has recently launched a beta version of Promoted Video Ads to encourage video posting on their site, Pinterest and Instagram are on the same road and Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that Facebook will turn to video marketing next year. The thing is: you have to be present on social media and the trendiest way to do this is with an animated marketing video.


Animated marketing videos used on social media are not just used for free sharing and advertising; they’re also a great way of leading people to your website and boosting your position in the search engines. A good explainer video has the best chances of being shared everywhere and this traduces into an amazing branding boost for your company!


3. When every professional marketer (even your competition) is doing so!

Animated explainer videos are the latest online marketing trend, but experts claim that it’s not just a trend, but also a worldwide phenomena; a recent report by Cisco revealed that online video presence will continue to grow and cover 90% of the Internet traffic by 2018!


Marketers are aware of this reality and that’s why more than 80% of online companies are producing video content for their websites and (according to Social Media Examiner) over 70% of them plan to increase their use of video marketing next year. Besides, we’ve already stated that more than half of American marketers say that video is the online content with the best ROI, so they’re as trendy as they’re effective!


Overall, the right time to invest in an animated explainer video, whatever product or service your company is willing to advertise with it, might be right now!

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