Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-Bad-Idea-THUMBLet’s keep things clear: this type of animated marketing video works to promote any kind of company, product or service. But sometimes making a whiteboard video is not such a good idea and it’s better to go with cartoon animation or motion graphics.

We are an explainer video production company, and here’s one of our whiteboard animations for you to watch so you can get a glimpse of our work:

Let’s point out these moments when whiteboard video production is a bad idea:


1. When You Need A Short Video

If you need to be super brief, say 30 seconds, the whiteboard animation technique may not be a good idea. The drawing hand (mandatory on a whiteboard explainer video) takes time on the screen and if the video is too short you’ll be forced to add way less information than with any other animation technique such as cartoon video or motion graphics.

Here’s a fine example of a 30-second cartoon animated video:

Whiteboard animated videos are excellent for lengthy explanations, because -by being created before your very eyes- they easily lead you through the story and turn the video into an easy-going experience.

Here’s a whiteboard video over 2 minutes long (the opposite of the previous 30-second video). Watch it and see how time flies with this amazing technique:


2. When Colors Are Very Important For Your Video

Sometimes using colors in your video is not an option but an obligation! And wistfully whiteboard animation is a black-and-white technique. Ok, you can add some details of color in order to grow brand awareness, but making a full-color video would spoil the whole idea of the whiteboard technique, and turn the video into a weird cartoon video with an annoying hand on it.

Here’s a great example of a clever use of colors in whiteboard video production. Look how the colors of the company on the black-and-white background makes the brand stand out:


Now watch the entire whiteboard animated video over here:

In contrast, here’s a cute cartoon explainer video in which whiteboard animation technique would’ve been a huge mistake. It’s a TV commercial we made for Tortilla Land in which we had to create an entire vegetable landscape, filled with brand colors. This one needed to be a cartoon animation video in order to impact the audience properly:


3. When You Need To Explain Something Simple

Making a whiteboard animated video to explain something simple is not a mistake in itself. But (when it’s done the right way) whiteboard video production is usually harder and more expensive than other techniques. That’s why if you have clear-cut information to disclose you might want to pick a less expensive technique, but that varies on many factors and particular cases.

Watch this final whiteboard animation example, disclosing a complex service in an easy and entertaining way:


In all of these occasions we don’t recommend using this great animation technique. However, every brand, product or service is unique and eventually it all depends on your target audience and your marketing objectives.

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