Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-dont-THUMBEverybody on the web is talking about these amazing whiteboard animation videos that explain your product with fun and engaging black and white drawings that also increase conversions and online visibility. But wait, if they’re so perfect, why is every single company not using them? Why are there other explainer video styles such as motion graphics or cartoon animation?


Well, here’s the truth: whiteboard explainer videos don’t work for just any kind of business and they can’t fulfill just any marketing goal. Sit down and learn when you shouldn’t use a whiteboard animation video!


1. When colors are a vital part of your brand identity 

Using the color palette of your brand in your animated marketing video is important because it shows your brand all through the entire video, connecting it to your product or service and making your audience remember it easily.

In a whiteboard video you can barely use colors; perhaps in a few details, like when your brand logo appears on the screen. Of course, there are many other whiteboard advantages, but if your product or website has powerful colors and this is a relevant spot for your business, then you shouldn’t choose a black-and-white technique (like whiteboard animation) for your video.

Watch our use of colors on this TV commercial we did for Tortilla Land and then try to imagine it without colors:


2. When you have nothing to explain

Whiteboard explainer videos are made to teach and explain something (like disclosing how a product or service works) on a whiteboard. If you have a really simple product or if you just want your video for branding purposes, using this technique would be counterproductive.

When people sit in front of a whiteboard, they don’t expect salesy ads or a super-brief description: they expect a lesson, because they’re used to it since the school days. So you’d better explain something to the or they’ll go elsewhere.

Watch how we used the whiteboard technique to explain this complex service:


3. When you need a short animated video

This goes with  the same point as before: when people come across a whiteboard video they expect a thorough explanation, so they’ll spare some time watching it. So if you're thinking of making a short animated video (say a 30-second one), the whiteboard video style woudn't be a great choice. You’ll waste one of their greatest advantages (that's explaining complex concepts) and disappoint the audience that hoped for a longer disclosure.

Whiteboard videos are longer than average animated marketing videos because they need to connect ideas and explain things more exhaustively, so pick wisely among video techniques!

When needing a very short explainer video, we recommend the cartoon animation style instead. Watch this cute short cartoon video of ours:


These are basically the main moments when you shouldn't use a whiteboard animation videos for your business. We hope this has been useful for your video marketing campaign!

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