Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-AUDIENCE-QUESTION-thumbCongratulations! You’ve made a wonderful animated explainer video to promote your brand all over the web. Now the problem is that where you place it is as important as how good it is.

So where should you place your video to get the best marketing results from it? Let us sum the options up for you:


1. Your Landing Page

It might sound obvious, because a landing page is usually the first place you think of to host your brand-new animated marketing video on the web. But the question is: where exactly do you embed it?


Above the fold is always the best option. The play button on your video should be the first thing people see when visiting your site. If you hide the video after a long text or under annoying ads, you’ll probably lose your potential viewers before they get to it.

It’s proven that marketing videos placed above the fold on a landing page increase average visit time by 2 minutes, which will help your site rank higher in search engines like the mighty Google.


2. YouTube

YouTube is another pretty-obvious option: it’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world (behind its owner Google, but over Yahoo and Bing) and it’s also the world’s 3rd biggest social network.

Just the decision to host your video on YouTube gives you the chance to attract new website visitors for free! However, competition is hard over the first search engine results of YouTube and it’s not that easy for your potential customers to find your video there.

What you need in order to rank high on YouTube is a wise Video SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Lucky for you, we’ll give you a hand with this amazing free eBook:


With this very SEO strategy, we made our video “What Is The Best Explainer Video Style For Your Business?” rank #1 on YouTube. It has over 25k views and keeps growing!


3. Facebook and Twitter

The two social media juggernauts are also  great spots to promote your animated marketing video, and you don’t need your video to go viral; you just need a clear video marketing strategy.

Luckily, both social networks have doubled their video marketing efforts over the last few months.


Regarding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that his social network will be encouraging video sharing and promotion from this year on. Coincidently, a new prestigious survey places video not only as the most shared type of marketing content, but also as the most efficient marketing tool on Facebook.

Read more about the video marketing announcements on Facebook in this article.



Twitter, on the other hand, went all-or-nothing and made three major adjustments to its network, allowing brand-new video marketing services and offering a juicy opportunity to promote your animated marketing videos:

● Promoted Video Ads: you can upload and distribute your video and measure its reach and effectiveness with video analytics tools.

● A Native Video Player: hitting hard on YouTube’s ego, Twitter’s new video player can host your video (up to 10 minutes long) with no size limit.

● A Video Embedding Feature: users can also take your video from Twitter and place it on their websites and blogs without the need of another video host

Read all about Twitter’s new video features in this article.


4. Your Blog Posts (And Other People’s Blog Posts)

Placing your video in your blog posts will make visitors stay longer on your site, and -as we said above- that will enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) rank. When people stay longer on your blog by watching your video on it, you boost your online visibility and reduce your bounce rate (AKA people that leave the site after a quick glance).


But there’s another great spot for your animated marketing video on the web and that’s other people’s blogs; influential blogs, high-rated blogs, similar-audience-targeting blogs. To guest post on other blogs with greater online traffic than yours is a nice way to boost your online visibility. Your video on their blog will lead new visitors to your website and it’s all a beautiful win-win!

Now are you ready to promote your awesome explainer video all over the web? If you need further advice on this subject, we invite you to download our exclusive free eBook over here:

Best practices and how to use your explainer video in your marketing campaign. Get the Fee eBook now!

Now don’t leave before visiting our Explainer Video Academy. There, you’ll be able to download our free educational eBooks, infographics and slides, become a video marketing whiz and boost every one of your online campaigns! Or else, keep browsing our blog and get the best explainer video production tips and advice every day.

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