Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-CLOCK-LENGHT-BLUE-thumbAnimated explainer videos have become the latest marketing trend for online businesses because they’ve shown that they can engagingly explain any kind of product or service in a few seconds. But what’s exactly a few seconds? Is there an ideal explainer video length?

The length of your explainer video depends on your marketing goals (actually, this is why they’re also called animated marketing videos). However, we can establish some length marks to guide you better.

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The main problem is that you need time to explain your product or service, but without boring your audience. Being a video production company, at Yum Yum Videos we’ve made thousands of them and came to the conclusion that 90 seconds is the best video length in most cases; it’s enough time to explain your product or service and not too long to make your viewers bored and leave your website.

Generally a 90-second video is OK, but sometimes it might not be the best choice. Again: it all depends on your marketing goals. Maybe a 30-second video is a great idea if your product or service isn’t so complex to describe; or perhaps you really need a 2-minute video because you can’t explain your product’s new features in a shorter time. But how do you realize if it’s convenient to make a longer or a shorter video?


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Let us give you some tips in order to learn what would be your ideal animated marketing video length:

30-second videos are OK if:

● Your product or service is really easy to explain.

● Your leading need is to create brand awareness.

● You primary marketing objective is to be shared on social media.

90-second videos are OK most of the time, because:

● They’re perfect in order to explain any business idea without boring anyone.

● You have also plenty of time to tell a compelling story.

● Viewers still watch the video all the way through.

Over-90-second videos are OK if:

● Your product or service is more complex than average ones.

● Your product or service has state-of-the-art features and you need extra time to explain how they work.

● You choose the whiteboard animation technique (because whiteboard videos -like the one below- are traditionally longer).

Some final recommendations:

● Remember that an animated marketing video is made to explain a product or service. It’s not plain TV advertising, so don’t make it too short. A 15-second video doesn’t have the time to explain anything.

● Don’t be excessive though: if your video runs over 3 minutes you’d better start chopping off a few seconds, because people don’t usually stay that long to watch an animated marketing video, no matter how awesome your product or service is.

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We hope this information has made things clearer for you! Now if you want further advice on video marketing, don’t leave before visiting our Explainer Video Academy, the first online spot dedicated exclusively to deliver free educational content about the video marketing world.


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