Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Omniventia-THUMBWe’ve already discussed whiteboard video production and handed over several whiteboard tips and advice in our Explainer Video Academy. But what about whiteboard ideas and examples? I’m talking about great examples to get inspired by so you can make a whiteboard video for yourself!

Well, today’s your lucky day: grab a cup of coffee and get ready to watch some fun whiteboard animation examples and write down some great ideas for your next whiteboard video:


#1 Whiteboard Video Idea: The Use of Colors

This was one of our first whiteboard explainer videos, and also a big success: our client was so delighted that we crafted 2 more videos for them, as an update to the first one.

See how we used a few colors in it? Ok, a proper whiteboard animation must be in black and white, but sometimes you can be a bit flexible. Look:


Using a few selected colors at the right time during the video lets you generate powerful brand awareness (brand colors will stand out instantly!) without losing the essence of the whiteboard explainer video style.


#2 Whiteboard Video Idea: The Use of Animated Characters

Adding some great character animation in your whiteboard explainer video will make it very engaging, a lot more fun and way more human. The great news is that all of this will be reflected in your marketing goals!



3# Whiteboard Video Idea: The Use of Metaphors

Metaphors have been used for centuries by poets, literature writers and filmmakers because they’re great to use in order to explain complex concepts in an easy and recognizable way for viewers. So, if you’re thinking of making a great explainer video, you should use metaphors too!

Metaphors will help you to explain any kind of concept and at the same time, make the audience recall the video better afterwards.

It’s just like in the example that we’ve just shown you; watching the video, you’ll see how we applied a metaphor between click-fraud problems and the video game Space Invaders (an actual space invasion to a website!). Fun ideas like this one will make your video memorable and much more entertaining to watch:



Now watch this whiteboard explainer video (with lots of metaphors) we did for a Spanish audience:

In order to make this one, we created metaphors on classic sea journeys, with oceanic monsters, old maps, skulls and islands. We used these particular elements, because they’re a vital part of the Spanish culture and also easily recognizable for native people from Spain.

For example, we used this sea monster to symbolize bureaucracy:



Well, now you’ve learned useful whiteboard animation ideas and watched some great video examples. We hope they inspired you!

Now, for further knowledge on video animation and explainer video production don’t leave before visiting our Explainer Video Academy. There, you’ll be able to download our free educational eBooks, infographics and slides to help you become a video marketing superstar!

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