Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEvsMOTION-thumbThere are so many styles of animated explainer videos, and that’s simply because some of them will suit better than others for certain product or services or certain types of audiences. But when explaining complex services in a simple way, there are two video styles which stand out from the rest: I’m talking about whiteboard animation and motion graphics.


These two great techniques make it easy for any explainer video to describe any kind of product or service, no matter how complex it is. The awesome thing about these videos is that they do it in a very educational and simple manner thanks to their great synthesis power and by being so visually attractive!

But before we find out which one is the best, let’s take a few seconds to explain them:


Whiteboard animation is a classic video technique that was crafted for the first time around 2002 for a Common Craft’s TV commercials. For years, this technique was essentially the recording of an artist’s hand drawing a story on a whiteboard and later on, production companies started adding digital effects to make them even more dynamic and visually compelling.  

Drawings are born in front of viewers’ eyes! Whiteboard videos create highly compelling stories and are one of the most interesting and creative ways to explain a business idea. Check this one out and watch how the techniques used make complex things appear simple:


Motion graphics is basically the technique of graphic design in motion. It’s a well-known style due to its sophistication and elegance, which also has great synthesis power through colorful graphics that deliver facts, numbers, categories and statistics in an educational but engaging fashion.

Ok, it’s a bit more “formal” than other animated explainer videos styles, but it has the perks of having a great impact and compelling visuals that make otherwise boring information come alive. Watch the beautiful motion graphics explainer video we crafted for Walmart:

Now, is one of them better than the other?

Well, it depends on what for, for whom, and how you want to use your animated explainer video.

Whiteboard videos are very flexible so they work well for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) markets alike because they can explain a complex service without losing the human touch. Don’t forget that behind every business there are real people, so giving your company a whiteboard video approach is always a great marketing choice. Watch how this whiteboard animation explains the service by adding fun character animation and humor:

Motion graphics videos are a bit more formal. They might not have that human touch but they can be even more synthetic and abstract than whiteboard videos. If you ever need to explain a sophisticated product or service through numbers and statistics, motion graphics should be your weapon of choice. However, you can always bend the rules and add some character animation to your motion graphics video, like this cute explainer video over here:

So now you know: there’s no best or worst video marketing style but there’s always one that will suit your product or service better. Do you want to find out which one this could be? We can help you out. Check out our popular explainer video styles animation:

If you are ready to know more about video styles and learn some explainer video tips and helpful marketing advice for your campaigns, here is a free download of our latest eBook:


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