Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-Nybbit-THUMBWhiteboard video production is quite similar to regular explainer video production, but it has some tricks and rules that make this video style different than the rest. 

Today you’ll learn how to make a great whiteboard animated video step by step with all these secrets and get lots of free educational resources along the way.

Here’s one of the whiteboard animated videos that we’ll analyze:

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Now let’s sum up the main steps of the whiteboard video production process:

#1. Whiteboard video script

We’ve written a whole eBook about this matter (you can download it over here for free), but we’ll give you a quick sum-up anyway.

The script is the basis of an animated marketing video and the message you want to transmit through it.

As we stated before, the whiteboard video production process is quite similar to that of an average explainer video and in the scriptwriting stage they’re almost the same. One thing that differs though is that you can add some internal references to the technique itself and even drawing-related gags, such as “win, lose or draw!” or “that mistake is hard to erase”.

The most important thing in any marketing video script is to focus on your potential customer’s problems and not on the features of your product/service. Your audience is looking for help and your brand must be there to help them. If you don’t make it this way, your script may come out too salesy and you’ll probably lose a lot of potential customers along the way because they won’t watch the video all the way through.

We always recommend not making the script too long (or it will appear to be dull and boring), the idea is to make the video last under 2 minutes. In order to make this happen, you should know that 160 words in English equals one minute on a video, so make sure that your video script doesn’t go longer than 320 words. Hint: 240 is a great number!

Here’s a cool free eBook on how to write an explainer video script (step by step):


#2. Whiteboard animation storyboard

The storyboard describes the actions and the visual aspects of the video. To put it simply, it’s like a comic strip of your animated video.

But here’s the catch: the storyboard on whiteboard animation is quite different from other animation styles. It has some essential details that could spoil it all if you don’t have them in mind. Read this article on this particular matter.

The first detail is that a whiteboard storyboard needs to be continuous and not present many short transitions or digital panning. The whole idea of the whiteboard technique is to simulate someone drawing over a whiteboard and telling a story at the same time. We know what you’re thinking; this detail makes the storyboard more difficult  to achieve. But we assure you that it’s worth it: the resulting video will be a lot better and have a greater impact over the audience.


In this storyboard example, see how we zoomed out in the 3rd frame but kept the same drawing without changing the shot?


Here’s another segment of the same storyboard, where you can see how all the actions in the video are bound together so that the story connects frame by frame.

The second important detail about whiteboard animations is that there’s always a hand drawing the whole thing. This adds more length to the story on the video, because you need to give the hand a little extra time to draw. If you don’t take the hand into account from the very beginning, adding it on later is not a good choice, because the video will be too accelerated.

And in case you’re wondering, the answer is no: you can’t call it a proper whiteboard without the drawing hand.


In this example the hand does not only draw but also erases! See how we dedicated an entire frame to the erase part? Remember: take the draw-and-erase timings into consideration when planning your storyboard.

Here’s the final video so you can watch it:

 #3. Whiteboard video illustrations

As we explained in the storyboard stage, everything on the whiteboard must be connected. So the drawings must be made in perfect proportions and mathematically placed. The whole video is like a huge work of art on a whiteboard.


Here’s a still picture of our whiteboard animated video for Nybitt. At the end of the video, we zoomed out the whole thing so viewers can appreciate the entire work space and see how everything is connected inside the dialogue box coming from the robot of the brand.

Here’s the complete video so you can watch it all the way through:

 #4. Whiteboard animation!

As we’ve already stated, whiteboard animation is sealed by a hand that draws the story. Traditionally, this video technique was made by recording a real-life hand but nowadays it’s entirely digital-made using a chroma-carved hand in high quality. Therefore, it’s vital to pay attention on how the hand is animated so that it looks as real as possible.

This incredible technique also allows you to add some character animation. This option is not that traditional on this style, but we love to add it to our videos. Whiteboard animated videos look way livelier and fun this way and you can manage to get closer to the audience.


Watch how character animation makes the video look more dynamic, lively and fun:

#5. Voiceover, Music and Sound FX

Voice-overs should be recorded as soon as the script is finished , because they mark the actual timing for the animation stage. The important thing about voice overs is that they should be made by a native professional (from the same country of the video’s target audience). A dull or a bad-sounding voice could spoil your entire video and make it look unprofessional and messy which would not generate any kind of brand trust within the viewers. Here’s a full article about this subject.

Music and sound FX should go along with the story but should never overshadow it. The volume of sound effects and background music must never be louder than the voice over nor compete with it. The voice over should be extra clear so that the story on the video is fully understood.

That was a lot of video-making knowledge, right? If you want to have an excellent whiteboard explainer video done, don’t hesitate and contact us.

But if you’re just searching for wider video production knowledge, please visit our Explainer Video Academy and get our free video marketing resources, such as educational eBooks, infographics and slides.


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