Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SALES-MONEY-thumbAnimated explainer videos are the perfect pitch every time, no matter if you have a big company or if it’s just a startup; they will always be a good choice if your goal is to promote your brand.

Here's a cool example of one of them, made by a professional explainer video company:

These animated marketing videos have multiple benefits for any kind of business and all of them lead to two very significant things: increase the sales and conversions. But how exactly can animated marketing videos do all of these things?

Keep on reading to find it out!


Your Business Idea Is Explained In Just Seconds!

Nowadays people are very busy and in order to get them to consume something, we need to let them know about it in the shortest amount of time possible, and animated marketing videos are made exactly for this!

With an animated marketing video, it is possible to explain any business idea, for - as complex as it is, in just a few seconds. But what is really best is that the explanation is given in a funny and entertaining way, without boring the audience.

Besides, it’s proven that marketing videos increase the average website visit time by 2 minutes, and this is a very major factor considering that -when there’s no video- the average amount of time that somebody stays on a home page is just 8 seconds. These two minutes are enough time to explain your product or service and to convince your audience to make a purchase..

Here’s one of our animated videos, considered by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos of 2015:


Your Brand Gets Online Visibility

When you have an animated marketing video place on your landing page, people will stay longer on your site, and this is exactly what will make you enjoy another major benefit of marketing videos: more online visibility!

When somebody stays longer on your site, Google will notice and this is good news for you, because your search rank position will improve and your website will start appearing on the first pages during a Google search under your keywords.

However, you must know this does not just happen magically: you need to apply some SEO strategies in order to boost your online visibility, like having an updated blog, generating lots of marketing content and having big movement on your social networks.

And -especially to help you out with this last one- you can download our free eBook "How to rank #1 on YouTube", which will help you improve your search rank position in this social network in a very easy way, following the real case study of our video “What is the best explainer video style for your business?

This video already had more than 33k views and currently ranks #1 in YouTube’s search engine position under our most valuable business keywords.


It Builds Branding

The use of the colors of your brand throughout your marketing video makes people remember your brand long after watching it.

And this is awesome because when the target audience thinks in the necessity they have for your product or service, they’ll end up thinking of your brand and ultimately buy from you which will help increase your sales! And what’s even better is that, eventually, your customers will even turn into faithful brand ambassadors.

Look at this TV commercial we made on how the use of the brand colors helps build brand awareness:


Brand Love

Another reason why these marketing videos increase your sales and conversions is because we can use them to generate brand love! 

A good way to do this is by adding custom animated characters to your video. Here, the word custom is truly important because if you don’t make the characters resemble your audience, then they won’t feel identified with.

Design your characters in a way that will match with your target’s age, job and -most importantly- problems. Like this, your viewers will feel that you know them and that the video was especially created for them, which will generate trust and empathy towards your brand.  And when a person relies on a brand, they will always go back it.

Check out this whiteboard video production example and see how animated characters were designed to fit the right target audience:


It grows conversions and sales

Everything we previously explained: the perfect pitch every time, more online visibility, brand awareness and brand love; help us achieve in the end what really matters to any business professional, an increase in landing page visits and sales!

A marketing video can raise sales by 20% on average and, in some cases, the growth of sales has even been 60%, like Crazy Egg’s owners say.

All you have to do is hire a truly professional explainer video company and for that we can help you with our free ebook “How to choose the best explainer video company for your business”. Or you can just give us a call!


Now, if you want to get further video marketing advice, go to our Explainer Video Academy or just keep reading our blog, in both, you’ll find articles, infographics and eBooks that will help you and your marketing campaign with the best explainer video production tips on the web.

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