Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-VIDEO-INCREASES-SALES-THUMBNAILIf you’re slightly familiar with explainer videos, then you may have already heard about its wonderful ability to increase conversions and sales. At the end of the day, this is one of the best selling points of every explainer video company.


You may be suspicious at that fact, though... But it’s all good because this is not only natural - it’s also understandable. How could you really be sure of that?

Well, today we’ll share with you 4 sources of proof that clear up that issue, so let us walk you through each one of them!

1. Google Said It First: Animated Marketing Videos Are Good For Your Sales!

Google is investing a lot of money into animated marketing videos. This means they’re aware of their potential.

Google has recently
launched a new feature called video app promo ads for Google Display Network users interested in increasing app sales and download rates. According to a recent survey made among early adopters, there was an increase of 30% in app installs thanks to their marketing videos! Additionally, marketing videos turned out to be 40% cheaper than any other ad format!

That’s why many startups have already decided to make animated videos to promote their apps.

2. This is What Facebook Has To Say

Mark Zuckerberg recently stressed the imminent relevance of video marketing: “If you look in the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into our newsfeed”. This is a strong statement that is very telling of Facebook’s trust in this type of marketing.


Numbers speak louder than words, so let us share the results of a new study commissioned by Nielsen that focused on the power of Facebook’s marketing videos over the first 10 seconds:

● Increase brand awareness from 32% to 65%.

● Boost purchase intent from 44% to 72%.

● Enhance video recall from 47% to 74%.

These numbers say a lot about the potential marketing video has in the near future for big companies and startups alike. Even when Facebook now offers video ad programs that only  big brands can afford, it is highly likely that they will aim for some sort of promotion that small businesses can have access to as well. So you better get ready for when that happens and get on that train before it leaves!

3. Twitter Didn’t Say Anything, They Took Action!

The Twitter CEO didn’t offer a press conference to announce any grandiloquent strategy: they took concrete action and aimed their efforts at video marketing!

Twitter has a sharing rate of over 2,000 tweets with video content per minute. With that in mind, they announced 3 major changes in their network:

● Promoted Video Ads: last year, Twitter allowed advertisers to promote their marketing videos on their followers’ timelines and then measure their impact with video analytics.

● Native Video Player: Twitter recently  launched their own video player for brands to upload and edit up-to-10-minute videos with no size limit.

● Video Embedding: Twitter also recently added the embed option so that advertisers can take their videos from Twitter and place them on their websites without the need of another video host.


What all of these announcements are going after is pretty clear: they want their users to boost their video marketing strategies on their network, which represents a strong argument in favor of marketing videos’ potential on social media.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Increase Sales

1. They Work As The Perfect Pitch

Animated videos can tell the story of your product or service in a quick, direct and concise way. And by engaging viewers, they can then turn them into potential customers.

2. Personal Approach

The use of custom-made animated characters and backgrounds, brand colors and a great story generate empathy with your potential customers. By feeling represented with what they see, your audience will develop a personal rapport with your brand, and they will trust in what your company has to offer -the prerequisite for making an actual purchase!

3. Online Visibility

By having an amazing animated video in your website, people will feel encouraged to watch it and stay longer on it (up to 2 minutes on average). Google will then reward your site with a higher ranking in its search engine, which leads more and more people to find your brand on the web. Also, your website will gain more visibility by being in present in YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine in the world. In this free eBook, you’ll learn how to rank high in a YouTube search and get to the #1 place!


Besides, we’ve already stressed the fact that social media is a natural habitat for these animated marketing videos!

These are just 4 points of proof that help explain why an explainer video production increase your sales. So what are you waiting for to make a neat one for your business?

If you’re interested in making the best animated marketing video, we have free educational content about animated video production, scriptwriting, promotion and video SEO strategies: all you need to do is visit  Yum Yum's Animated Video Academy and get our eBooks, infographics and slides.

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