Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ANIMATION-child-thumbDo you believe that animation is just for kids? Do you think that animated videos used in marketing a business can’t get along? Well, you’re quite wrong.

During the last couple of years, animated marketing videos have taken over most companies’ online strategies. Seems like every brand is embracing animation nowadays. But why are online marketers choosing animated videos over other kinds of content to deliver a business idea to their audiences? Well, there are several reasons, but today we’re giving you four:




Every grownup audience was raised watching cartoon shows on TV. Cartoon animation takes us back to those days, to the “good old times”, because they immediately bring our childhood memories back to us. Online marketers use this to their advantage and create animated content to recreate that feeling. This is what some like to call nostalgic branding. An animated marketing video immediately suggests to its audience that they’re going to watch something fun, nice and simple, like the cartoon shows they watched when they were kids; that’s why these animated videos are more engaging than any other types of video.



Animation allows you to explain the most complex concepts and ideas in a synthetic way in a matter of seconds. For decades, the power of graphic elements has been used to explain difficult themes: from pie charts in science books to vivid figures in educational books for kids. Plain text is no match to the synthetic power of an image; likewise, an image alone is no match when compared with the animation that allows its graphic elements to move, transform and come alive. This synthetic power is vital for any marketer that needs to explain a new product or service in a few seconds’ time.



We all think in the form of stories, our brains are familiarized with the narrative process of stories since (once again) our very own childhood. I mean, everyone knows who Red Riding Hood is, whom she encounters in the forest and how the story ends. Stories are easily remembered, many things are easily learned through them, and they’re even more engaging if they are animated stories. Animated marketing videos target our natural learning process and apply storytelling aspects to easily explain any brand’s business idea.




One of the most longed marketing objectives is to capture the attention of the right target audience. Animations are a great asset for this since they can be completely customized! With a custom animated marketing video, you can make the characters in your video look, talk and dress like your target audience, making them feel that they’re the real main characters of the video: that way, they can identify with your brand immediately. Why is this great for your brand? Identification translates into trust and empathy in your company, which leads to conversions and sales.


Now that you’ve learned the great power of animation, you can try it with your own business idea: put your brand in motion!

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