Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BUSINESS-DOWN-thumbYou might have a great product or service and want to make a cool animated explainer video to promote it, and you may also have a large advertising budget to spend! But without a professional video company on your side, all of these efforts could be worthless.

If you can't have a quality animated marketing video made, you probably won’t collect the marketing results you’re looking for, making you lose lots of time and money.


Today you’ll learn why it is vital to choose a good explainer video company and also why that decision can be a great cost-effective investment for your business.


1. ROI

First things first; by hiring a professional explainer video company, you can get a custom animated marketing video specially tailored to suit your audience, your business and your marketing objectives. This way, you would not just boost your online visibility and conversion rates but also save lots of money in advertising and get the exact marketing results you’re looking for.


In opposition, a cheap template animation video might seem like an alluring option at first, but experience dictates that their marketing results are not effective in the long run. A low-quality video eventually makes you lose potential customers and leads you to poor marketing campaign results, making you waste way more money than hiring a professional video company in the first place.

Look at how we crafted this cool animated video to fit the app’s 25-to-35 rock buffs target audience:


2. SEO

It’s proven that a well-crafted animated marketing video makes visitors stay 2 minutes longer on a website on average. The key point here is that website visit time is a vital factor for search engine position, so by making people watch the video on your website all the way through, search engines like Google list your site as of interest and rank it higher in their page results. That’s a powerful boost on your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts!


On the other hand, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (above Yahoo! and Bing), but to make your brand present here, you need a marketing video. A good marketing video allows you to stand out in the world’s most popular video hosting site and 3rd largest social network. However, in order to rank your video high in YouTube’s search results, you’ll need some expert video SEO advice.

Coincidently, we’ve just made a special step-by-step guide for you to learn how to rank high on YouTube. Here’s a free download:



3. Sales

Besides ROI (return on investment) and SEO (search engine optimization) benefits, a well-made explainer video results into what matters to marketers the most: more sales!


It’s proven that an engaging marketing video can increase conversion rates by over 20% on average, drawing way higher revenue than a low-quality one. Crazy Egg, for example, raised conversion rates by 64% with the help of a single marketing video on their landing page.


Now there are many explainer video production companies out there, so how can you choose a good one to make a quality marketing video? Easy: download our free eBook and get the best tips and advice to get to the best one. You’re welcome!

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