Every piece of content has to be customized based on the audience you're targeting.

This is the only way you'll create a strong and genuine impact. Same thing happens with explainer videos: do you want your video to be memorable, engaging and provide your audience with a unique and personalized experience? Then make it custom-tailored. There's no other way!


Consider that the colors, the music and the narrative itself will talk about the values, culture and personality of your brand. But there's more: the type of video, the script, the characters, the animations, the visual elements, and the voice-over will have to be aligned with your target audience. This is how you'll get the best marketing results! Let me go into detail about this...

Generating Brand Awareness

Do you want to stand out from your competition? Then make a custom explainer video that represents the spirit of your brand! How can you make this happen? Well... first of all, consider applying the colors of your brand identity through the entire video. This way, your viewers will instantly recognize that YOU are the one who's talking to them, and they’ll feel much more confident to take the next step.

Another ingredient you can consider is adding music that goes with your “brand style”  (and that, of course, matches with your target audience and with the story you're telling). The narrative itself can also be fully customized by a team of expert storytellers and producers to emphasize some features of your brand's personality.

Focusing On Your Target Audience


Second big deal: Always focus on your target audience. If you don´t make them feel that the video was specially made for them, forget about building any engagement or trust. How can you expect to generate brand awareness and differentiate from the competition if you don't have the ability to make your audience feel unique and special? Take the time to focus on them! Make them feel as though you care about them, that you truly understand their problems and that you're the best choice out there to make their lives easier! How can you do this? Make them feel identified with what they're watching and hearing. Consider applying these tips:

- The type of video: this is one of the main things you should consider, how could you think about making a custom video if first you don't choose the right type of marketing video, based on your audience and marketing goals? Have in mind that there's a lot of different styles: some of them fit better with some specific audiences Make the right choice!

Tip: not sure which explainer video style you should choose for your marketing campaign? This tutorial will help!

- The script: forget about using a generic story. You have to make it custom-tailored to pass out a specific message for your specific audience. Work on the script thoroughly and personalize the message as much as needed.  

- The characters: craft the characters of your video by having your target audience in mind. Consider how old they are, what they look like, where they work, what do they wear and how do they behave? Crafting some cool custom characters will boost your video's effectiveness dramatically.  

- The animations: also consider making high quality and smooth animations. Do you want your characters to look really alive and with a defined personality? Then make them custom. Template designs will never give you this level of detail.

- The voice-over: pick out the voice-over talent wisely, he/she has to be a native speaker of your target audience's language and, of course, has to dominate  the wording, tone, pauses and inflections that best fit with the message you want to deliver. Only a professional artist can do this.

As you can see, not only applying some “branding touches” will help you reinforce your identity, but also customizing every single element of your video. If your viewers perceive that you care for them and you make a special video based on their needs, this also helps a lot in crafting your own values and principles. Keep that in mind!

Last but not least, we invite you to surf our Explainer Video Academy, where you'll find lots of information about video marketing strategies, SEO and more. Enjoy it!


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