If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the power of video can be limitless.

With more and more platforms and devices allowing video content, it arises a new way for people to communicate, and a new way for companies to generate branding, identification and trust.

Is video content more engaging than other types of media? Yes, it is. And today we'll show you why. Join us!


How Video Is Engaging People

Let me start by sharing some interesting stats about video content and how it´s becoming the center for both the online and mobile world.

- According to a 2013 UK study, online video is much more engaging than a text article. Adults are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) online video over a basic text blog.

- In 2014, audiences engaged with video at a 43% growth rate, and 3/5 of their viewings were on a mobile device.

- 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Video is projected to account for nearly three quarters of all internet traffic in just a few years.

- Traditional TV viewing is down by 17% by teens and millennials, as they are opting to use digital sources rather than cable.


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What Makes Video So Engaging?

How can it be that video has such a strong power to connect with people? Here's why…

1) It quickly grabs people's attention. 

As video content combines auditory and visual senses, it increases the level of attention of your audience dramatically (according to PhD psychologist Susan Weinschenk, we always pay attention to movement and noise, and video content is the perfect mix in this sense).

2) It generates a strong connection.

You can fully customize your explainer video so as to make it 100% tailored to your target audience, by working on a truly persuasive story that really captivates them.

3) It triggers emotions.

Video content is so versatile that it gives you the chance to add the perfect dose of humor, fun, nostalgy or any other emotion you need to trigger in your audience. This is highly engaging and also highly memorable.

4) It improves understanding.

People prefer watching than reading. Plus, video content makes information much more digestible, appealing and easy to understand. And this -believe me- helps a lot to get their attention!

5) It's highly shareable

In the social media era, people love sharing content more than ever. Especially video marketing. Video is fun, cool, quick, persuasive, attractive and emotional. It fits perfectly with the “social logic”. People enjoy watching video from their peers. It`s like “a plus” to make it even more engaging!


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There's no doubt that video is the marketing content that brings more value. Are you already using it in your content marketing strategy? Share your case with us!




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