Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WRITING-Kid-THUMBSThe explainer video production process has many stages: from storyboarding and illustration to animation and sound mixing (this cute slide will walk you through it). But the first stage is one of the most important and it needs to be done by an expert: we’re talking about scriptwriting!


Today, you’ll learn why a marketing video script must be taken over by a professional and why not hiring one can spoil the whole video. Let’s read about it!


Why Professional Scriptwriting Is Essential

The script is basically the message on the marketing video; it’s what you want to tell and transmit with that video. Many people think scriptwriting is easy but it’s actually very complex work and you should get loads of knowledge and expertise in this area in order to write a good script, so hiring a professional scriptwriter is always essential.


Marketing video scriptwriting is not just writing and explaining. The scriptwriter must know how to engage the right audience, how to run a proper script structure and focus on the brand’s marketing objectives at the same time. It’s not the same to write for 35-year-old mothers than for 20-year-old single young men. Likewise, it’s not the same to make a video for internal communication than for a social media campaign.

This successful animated video, for example, was made to be shared on social media. The idea was to make a short, simple and fun script so that people easily get the message and share it. Now the video has over 50k views on YouTube alone:


Why Non-Professional Scriptwriting Can Spoil Your Whole Marketing Video

Now well, not hiring a professional scriptwriter can result in a bad-quality script or one that doesn’t target the right audience and this can seriously spoil your entire explainer video production efforts.


A non-professional script eventually becomes more expensive than a professional fee: it can bring huge view drops, damage your brand image and it overall waste your time and money in a marketing campaign that won’t work.

During animated explainer video production, many mistakes are made due to the lack of a professional script. Here are some of most typical ones so that you are aware:


1. Explainer Videos, TV Commercials and Internal Videos: They’re All The Same, Right?

Many people mix up explainer videos with TV commercials or internal videos, but they’re completely different: these marketing videos videos basically explain how a company solves a problem and they don’t just talk about the brand and the product’s features.

Writing the wrong script for an animated marketing video will directly affect your marketing campaigns and the results won’t be as expected.


2. Not Knowing The Video Length When Writing The Script

Is a 1000 word script as effective as a 180 word one? Does length actually matter in animated marketing videos?


This is one of the main non-professional scriptwriting mistakes. The scriptwriter should know how to find the right words and synthesize the idea, because the video ought to engage the audience by explaining complex concepts in an easy and quick way.

Therefore, long explanations or very-detailed ones are a no go. The script must be brief and clear-cut so to engage viewers and make them want to learn more (and keep on watching). The longer your video is, the more view drops it’ll have.

Then how do you measure your video length before you start writing? It’s a simple equation actually: 180 words on an English script (read at average speed) equals one minute in video. We always recommend making 90-second videos -that’s 240 written words-.


3. Not Focusing On The Audience’s Problem

The main focus of the video script must always be on how the problem of your audience gets solved and not your brand’s features. This mistake is made quite often: videos keep starting with an entire description of the brand and audience’s problems are overlooked.

This is one of our best explainer videos, with a solid script made by a professional scriptwriter. See how the brand is presented at 0:45? Before that moment, the video deals exclusively with the audience’s problem:


4. Not Focusing On The Target And The Video’s Goals

A lot of marketing video scripts out there don’t have a clear target audience (or have too many), and they don’t even have a clear goal. This is a typical mistake that can make a script, and its video, go to waste.

You can’t grab several target audiences with a single video (at least most of the time you can’t). In those cases, scripts tend to be long and boring so no one watches them all the way through.

In some cases, an animated marketing video can handle two different target audiences and still be an excellent one!

Another great mistake is to make a marketing video without a clear goal. A video that doesn’t aim to do something specific and has no call-to-action or too many of them, loses its strength when using it on a marketing campaign.



Now you’ve learned why professional scriptwriting is essential in explainer video production and why a non-professional script could ruin your whole video campaign. Be aware, tell the difference and spread the word!


But if you want to learn more about marketing video scriptwriting, download our eBook “How to Write an Explainer Video Script (Step by Step)” or else visit our Explainer Video Academy to get our educational eBooks, infographics and slides.

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