Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-cartoon-THUMBNAILIn your quest to boost your online marketing presence, you’ve probably came across animated explainer videos, right?I’m talking about those 2-minute videos that easily explain products and services and bring lots of marketing benefits along with them (like conversion rate increase!).

You’ve probably also noticed that the styles in those explainer videos are not all the same: some are only graphics in motion; others are drawings on a whiteboard, and so on. Well, today we’re talking about one style in particular, the most famous one: Cartoon animation


But, why are marketers and startups choosing this style of animated explainer video above all of the others? Today we are going to teach you the secret of cartoon animated explainer videos and why it’s one of the most selected styles for marketers all over the world.

Nostalgia (cartoon animation engages in an emotional way)

Those good old memories…

We’ve all watched cartoons when we were kids (and some of us still do!). Cartoons make us feel at home, and they bring fun and joyful memories every time. Also, most of the cartoon shows we watched as kids brought positive messages and learning. So, what’s better than this for your marketing message? Cartoon animation makes your audience feel comfortable while you teach and show them about your brand and its great features. Awesome!

Custom Animation (cartoon animation makes your audience feel represented)

Hey, that character looks like me

Most Hollywood films have been using this idea for many years: they show characters that somehow look like their audience or deal with their same issues, so that people can identify with them.

Cartoon animation explainer videos allow you to craft your characters in the image of your audience (or someone to whom your audience looks up to!) Your potential customers will get emotionally close to those characters and their problems. This will actually make them find the story in the video much more engaging and feel that it was created especially for them. If you generate trust in your brand by showing that you really know your audience, it will lead you directly to conversions!

See one of our cartoon-style explainer videos; this cute fellow generated more than 40,000 views on YouTube only!



Awesome for B2C and B2B marketing!

Cartoon characters are awesome for connecting emotionally with any audience, so they’re always great for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) because you need to connect with real people with real emotions. But, don’t forget that behind every business there are real people! So if you want a more human approach, cartoon videos can surely help with B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing too.

You can also add motion graphic elements to your cartoon video. Motion graphics are another technique usually used for a more serious approach. They are great to use to explain complex concepts in a concise way. Check out this video of ours, for example:


Mixing these two great techniques, you can get the best of both worlds: you’ll get the human approach of cartoon-style, plus the power of motion graphic video’s succinct simplicity. You can watch how they both work together in this neat explainer video:



I love you, brand

If your character animated video gets your potential customers to connect with your brand emotionally and your product really solves their problem, your audience will not just turn into your customers, but will also talk about your video, share it everywhere and promote your brand willingly!


So, now you know why cartoon animation is the most popular style of explainer video. Now don’t be selfish - share this knowledge on your favorite social media channels!

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