After your leads become customers, it is easy to think that your relationship with them and your brand is over- but this is far from the truth.

The video production company will be your co-worker during the whole development process of your video. When making this important choice you have to pick out a partner that has expertise in audiovisual production, but also knows a lot about digital marketing, this is the only way you'll be able to maximize the full potential of your marketing video in terms of branding, distribution and overall effectiveness. Learn more!


Choosing A Video Production Company That Masters Digital Marketing

Hiring the right video production company is critical to get the best results out of your explainer video, the vendor you hire needs to gather a talented team of professionals that master audiovisual production (scriptwriting, animation, edition, filmmaking, etc. ) and also has a solid background in digital marketing.

Let us share with you some key benefits of hiring a video production company that has a proven record in digital marketing. But first, a quick testimonial from one of our clients:

Behaviour And Habits

Having a digital marketing expert on your team is essential to fully understand the habits, behaviours and interests of your target audience. If you lack that information you won't be able to work on a persuasive message that meets the needs of your prospects.

Custom Script

Making a custom script is highly important to make your video resonate with your audience. Having a digital marketing professional on the team will ensure that you -client- can get a script that is 100% adapted to your target audience and that will be highly effective when delivering what the problem is, explaining how you can help them and why you're the best option in the market.

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Buyer's Journey

Explainer videos are a great resource to lead your prospects through the buyer's journey. Depending on the buyer's stage you aim for, and the marketing goals you pursue, you will have to work on different types of marketing videos, and the digital marketing professional can help you make the right decisions on this matter.

Best Animation Style

Once again, depending on your marketing goals, and the target audience you aim for, some animated marketing video styles are better than others. A video production company that masters digital marketing can advise you on what the best explainer video style for your business is.  


Branding Elements

A marketing video is also a great alternative to boost your brand awareness. By adding some specific elements and colors to the footage you can help your target audience understand (and also remember) who is behind that value proposition, while you also generate confidence and look professional.

Distribution Channels

Your marketing video has to be done by keeping the distribution channels in mind. This means that once you have it finished, you'll have to give it maximum exposure in specific channels. The marketing expert will help you make a video that is suitable for each of these platforms in which you want to promote your video.

Last but not least, don't miss this article where we give you some additional recommendations to pick out the right explainer video production company. Make a well-thought decision! ;)


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