Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-4-533217-editedAnimated marketing videos are the latest marketing trend.  If you want to boost your marketing strategy by leveraging an efficient, entertaining and practical resource that ensures a great ROI, then go for animated explainer videos. 
Animated videos offers you huge benefits for your business and are a powerful tool even when compared to other types of video content. Do you want to know the reasons why? Keep on reading!


Animated video production for "Appier"



An animated marketing video gives you the flexibility you need to apply your brand identity and colors across the entire video. This is really important, since it´s a key aspect to help your potential customers identify who is talking to them, relate your colors to your brand and product, and remember your message.  You can also customize your characters and backgrounds by keeping in mind your target audience: this will make them feel like you really understand their problem and that you have the best solution to deal with it. If you want to know how you can generate love brand and trust with an animated video, read this article. 




With an animated marketing video you can explain complex ideas or concepts in just a matter of seconds. The power of graphic elements is incomparable to plain text, and even more so when we add animation and make things move, transform and come alive (an image is worth more than a thousand words). This power of synthesis is vital for any marketer who needs to express a complex idea in a very short period of time (90 seconds maximum).


With an animated video, there are no boundaries for what you can create. Let your imagination fly! You have full flexibility regarding characters, landscapes, animation alternatives, music effects, and more. You can also mix different video styles to get to the result you’re aiming for. For instance, live action and animation work great together: these videos have a more personal and human approach but at the same time they have a strong synthesis power of animation. Check out this video that combines live action with motion graphics:




Any message is easily remembered if there´s a good story behind it... even more so when it comes with an engaging and entertaining animation. Videos leverage the power of storytelling to help your potential customers understand the message and remember it in the future. Have in mind that our brain has been familiarized with the narrative process since we were kids, so it helps a lot if you approach your potential customers the way they want, facilitating their “learning process”.   

Here´s is an example, this video was selected by hubspot as one of the best explainer video productions of 2015. 


Animated videos are 100% customizable! With a custom video you have the possibility to craft every single detail of your video in order to be aligned with your target audience and marketing goals. This means you can tailor your message and define every aspect based on the potential customer you´re talking to and the solution you´re offering. Consequently, if your target audience feels identified with the characters and story you present, they will instantly feel emotionally closer to those characters and their problems. All this generates more engagement, interest and trust, since they´ll feel that it was especially made for them.


Now that you know all the great benefits that animated videos can bring for your business, get on with it and start working on your own explainer video!  Not sure which video style for your business is best? Watch this video and find it out!

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