Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-DEXTER-THUMBNAILProfessional marketers are mad scientists: they’re always trying new things and looking for new tools in order to improve their campaigns; whether it’s increasing conversions or boosting online visibility, they try their best to reach their objectives.

Over the past 5 years, amidst so much worn out marketing formula and click-through-chemicals in the lab, there has been a new tool rising: it’s called the animated explainer video! And every one of our scientists is dying to use it on their campaigns because of its multiple marketing benefits: It’s a video that explains, in an engaging way, who you are, what you do and why anyone should choose your product or service.


But are explainer videos really that good? Well, our scientists double-checked with a survey to make sure they’re effective, and it turned out that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide mentioned video as the online content with the best ROI (CopyPress). An explainer video is not a lab experiment; it’s a cost-effective investment that you can use in all of your marketing campaigns!

But hold your test tubes! Why is it that an explainer video can be so useful in any marketing campaign?


Online visibility: Explainer Videos help to Rank Higher on Google


One of a marketer’s main responsibilities is to attract visitors to their website: in other words, aim to rank higher on Google in order to be easily found.

Allow me to clarify how an explainer video helps you with this task, starting with a proven fact: a website with a video on its landing page has 53 times more chances of appearing on the first pages of Google than a text-based one (Forrester). But why does that happen? Well, because people love videos and so does Google!

Google’s philosophy is to get people to find useful and interesting online content, and it knows that people really love entertaining and educational videos. So, based on that, Google considers video as one of the most interesting forms of online content and wisely rewards websites with video content, by ranking them higher on its search engine.

Another great advantage of explainer videos, which also influences Google’s sites ranking, is that people stay longer on a website if there’s a video on it. A visitors’ average attention span on a website is about 8 seconds, while, with an explainer video, visit time increases to 2 minutes on average (comScore). That’s an initial 1500% boost just for you! Isn’t math great when it’s on the marketer’s side?


Conversions: Explainer Videos can help Turn Visitors into Customers


Ok, you already know that explainer videos can boost your online presence, but most companies hire marketers and salespersons to work towards generating one thing: conversions! So, can explainer videos actually help those marketers to turn visitors into customers?

Let me answer that with a bit of marketing science once again: video grows conversion rates up to 20% on average, and also, 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making online purchase decisions (Animoto). How about that? 

The thing is, animated explainer videos engage easily and make your potential customers actually understand your product or service better than any other online tool. And, they do it in 2 minutes or less. Besides, with the use of animated characters, you can reach your audience on an emotional level, because they become easy to identify with, generating trust and even a strong bond with your brand.

Now, let me show you two successful case studies that demonstrate explainer video’s engagement and conversion reach:

Crazy Egg, the service created by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel, increased conversions by 64% and made $21,000 of extra monthly revenue when they placed this animated marketing video on their landing page:

Dropbox, the file hosting service, produced a 10% conversion increase from their explainer video, making $50 million in additional revenue in 2012 alone. I assure you they shouted eureka! after collecting the rewards from their video:


Shareability: Explainer Videos are the Easiest Online Content to Share


It’s no secret that we’re in 2014, and that social media presence is one of a marketers’ most desired goals.

In addition to online visibility and conversion boost, a video is the easiest content to share on social media, mainly because people love fun and catchy stories, but also engaging and informative content (and they love them even more if they’re animated!). The awesome part about animated explainer videos is that they have all of these elements combined!

Why not check some number-science wisdom again? On Facebook, photos are liked twice as much as text, while videos are shared 12 times more than links and text combined. On Twitter, 700 videos are being shared every minute. On the other hand, explainer and instructional videos make up 67% of global YouTube viewership.

Videos are taking over every social network, and that means that a great animated marketing video has even more chances to be shared, due to its informational content, but also because of its emotional power! In the social media world, most of the time, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is about, but rather how well your video tells your story. Bear in mind that, amongst so much information, social media users will always pick the most engaging content to share.


When we say explainer videos are useful on any marketing campaign and easily shared, we’re not joking around. In addition to helping on your social media campaigns, video can also boost any e-mail marketing campaign! Want some mind-blowing science again? Click-through rate on e-mails sent with video content is increased by 100% (Forrester), and the mereword “video” in the e-mail subject line increases the open rate from 7 to 13%.

But, if you don’t measure them, how could you know if they increase anything at all? Well, another great advantage of explainer videos, which Einstein would’ve loved, is that you can easily measure their online impact: there are many metrics (such as click-through rate or bounce rate) that help you check a video’s performance on social media, e-mail campaigns and websites; and to do so, apart from free basic metric services -like YouTube’s or Vimeo’s-, there are leased services -such as Wistia or VidYard- that offer more in depth information, like the number of re-watches from the same user or full viewership rates of your video. No doubt that’s key information for any marketing strategy!

Finally, you already know that every social network has paid promotional services for your video posts that allow you to closely follow your campaign’s performance.


So, now you know why marketers love their latest great discovery: explainer videos! This multiple marketing tool can be useful on any marketing campaign (from social media to e-mail marketing) with a single investment. So, if you want to follow the marketer’s path to engage customers and boost conversions at the same time, there’s no need to have a science degree to get the right formula: mix the right ingredients, and make an animated explainer video the great next thing for your startup!

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