If you have the ability to touch people's emotions, your content marketing campaign will be a success.

In particular, video content has an amazing power to run through the screen and motivate viewers into action. Today you'll learn about the role that emotions play in the video content arena and how you can take advantage of this to enhance your marketing strategy and set up a stronger and long-lasting connection with your target audience. Enjoy the reading!


The Mirror That Can Make Magic

It may sound crazy, fun or even ridiculous. But have you ever thought that when you watch a movie and you see someone laughing or crying, it brings about some kind of connection between you and the character on screen? It can even happen that you end up having the same reaction or expression as him/her.

This has a scientific explanation: the mirror neurons are behind it - they react in a very similar way to how your brain would react if you were in the same situation as the character you're watching. So, in a way, you could be experiencing the same emotion/feeling as those you're watching. And  you will definitely feel much more emotionally closer.  

As you can see, the mirror neurons can make magic when it comes to provoking emotions in the audience.

→ Giveaway: How can you take advantage of this?

Create a custom explainer video that perfectly fits with your  audience's needs and that has the ability to generate a strong connection and empathy. How can you do this? Craft the characters and backgrounds in a way that your viewers feel identified with the problem, solution, and context that you're presenting. The great thing about animation techniques is that they are so modern and versatile that your characters can be seen as if they were real people.

Check out this example and see how it leverages the emotional power of video:

A Chemical That Impacts Video Marketing? You Won't Believe This!

Have you ever thought that a specific chemical could be your key ally when trying to generate engagement with your audience? Emily Ross provides us with some great information.There's research that shows that images that elicit emotional responses make our brains release a chemical called oxytocin. And, of course, this chemical has a specific effect: it helps us form empathy, generate different emotional connections and it's also capable of building trust towards a brand or product.

As you can imagine, creating an emotional connection is a must if you want to increase your conversions and sales. And, regarding this, we have some interesting data to share with you: the IPA data BANK carried out an analysis and found out that campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs 16%) as campaigns with only rational content. And this is not something we should underestimate…

→ Giveaway: How can you take advantage of this?

Again, building a strong emotional connection is the key. Develop high quality well designed characters that are aligned with your target audience. Animated characters have this intrinsic emotional power and the ability to make your viewers feel identified with the video. They also provide your video content with a more human and personal approach and also increase its memorability.

Tip: remember that there are many different animated marketing video styles, some of them are more informal and offer a more personal approach, but  others are more “serious”. Review this brief tutorial and find out which one works best for you!

Our Primal Reactions, Also In The Mix

According to scientists, people first feel, and secondly they think. If we talk about statistics, we can say that the emotional brain processes sensory information in one fifth of the time our cognitive brain takes to assimilate the same input. Moreover, if the video generates any strong emotional response (whether it is positive or negative) it is twice as likely to be shared than content that pulls a weak emotional response.

Since forever, emotions have always been vital for us -humans- to survive. They're a primal reaction that we always pay attention to. We're always aware of how we feel.


→ Giveaway: How can you take advantage of this?

It's vital that you relate your product and message to something your target audience needs, desires or can relate to, in order to maximize engagement and form a connection. The power of emotions in video content play such a key role that it helps you get closer to your potential customers and build loyalty among your current customers. 

Explainer videos, in particular, have an amazing power to connect with people. Go over this article and learn the psychology behind them and how they can boost conversions!

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