Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-TABLERO-thumbIf you’re willing to spend some of your advertising budget on an animated explainer video then you’re doing the right thing, because there’s probably no better marketing tool to use to promote a product or service.

But to get the best out of that investment, your animated video should be fully customized (like this cute one here below); today you’ll learn why.

There are two ways of making an animated marketing video; the quick and cheap way (making a template video with pre-made animations) and the tailored way (having a professional custom explainer video made). In this post, we’ll show you why the latter is the best way to target a specific audience and get the best marketing results you’re looking for.

Let’s go!


1. Stand Out Among Your Competition

The line between a good and a bad video marks the line between a successful and a hopeless video marketing campaign; that’s why making a quality video is so important.

In business words: among so many animated marketing videos to compete with, a quality animated video will make your brand stand out! And that’s one of the most secure roads towards sales. But your brand won’t get a real quality video unless you go for a custom animated video.

If the explainer video company of your choice can’t offer quality custom animation, the animated characters in your video won’t look alive or they’ll perform looped actions, resulting in a dull video that no one would identify with or even care to watch.

Look around the web: animation quality on non-custom videos, such as template videos, is not good at all. Custom animated marketing videos are awesome instead and they target the right audience every time, making them more willing to watch the video all the way through and easily lead them to convert.

Check this fully-custom animated video of ours and see what we mean:


2. Identification Within Your Audience

Custom designs, visual elements and characters make your potential customers feel identified with.

Without custom designs, you can’t reach your target audience the way you’re supposed to, and there’s no way to get creative or original because all of the visual elements would be pre-designed. If your target audience can’t relate to those cardboard-ish characters in some way, they won’t engage with them or grow trust in your brand.

These, for example, are some cool custom characters, made to suit a 20-to-30 music fans target audience:


Having a team of professional designers and creative directors to craft great original designs (specially designed to fit the brand’s audience) takes days and even weeks. A whole template video can be made by a single person in a few days instead, but don’t be fooled: the results of a template animated video are poor and their marketing performance is miles behind what you can achieve with a custom animated marketing video.

Watch the full animated video to see how the characters above come alive:


3. The Best ROI

But does investing in a high-quality animated video with great custom designs actually make a good return on your investment?

Of course it does! A custom explainer video is always the best way to get the marketing results you’re looking for, because it targets your audience directly, and makes them spend  more time watching the video on your site (boosting its search engine rank position) and leads your potential customers to grow trust and empathy in your brand at the same time.

It’s proven that a custom marketing video increases sales by 20% on average (read this article about the ROI of marketing videos).


However, you should know that these videos aren’t magical! They need a good marketing campaign and a wise search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to support them (for more knowledge on video SEO, download our free eBook over here).

Also, bear in mind that your explainer video is made to stand for your brand on the web, so if the video is poorly done, your entire brand would be the one to blame and your audience won’t distinguish between the video and your brand!


If you’re thinking of investing your budget on a pre-made template video, think again: it would cost a lot of money to get the results you’re looking for. You might save some money at first, but costs would be way more expensive in the long term than making a high-quality fully custom animated video.

Need further proof on why making a custom animated marketing video is the right way? Go through our portfolio and watch some of our best explainer videos.

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