Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-Number1-THUMBThere’s no denying that whiteboard videos are all over the web. When online brands decide to make an animated explainer video to promote a new product or service, one of the most popular style choices is whiteboard animation.


Then what’s the secret of whiteboard animated videos? Why have they become so popular? The secret is that they’re excellent marketing tools, and today you’ll learn why.


1. Educational Power (Back To School)

One of the greatest whiteboard animation advantages, that make them a highly efficient marketing tool, is that they deal with a powerful memory element: the whiteboard.

That’s right, every time people look at a whiteboard, their minds travel back in time to school days and they are automatically predisposed  towards an explanation from a teacher. In this case, the “teacher” would be a powerful combination of a drawing hand and a voice-over that carries the story.

Whiteboard animation engages the audience unconsciously and makes them more willing to learn something new; this is one of the main reasons why this animation style is so good when explaining complex concepts or ideas.

Click fraud issues are those types of complex ideas, but we managed to create an engaging whiteboard animated video to explain them easily and promote this online service:


2. Engaging Storytelling

The whiteboard animation technique is not only engaging due to school nostalgia, It has another amazing asset that differs from any other animated video style: the fact that the story on the whiteboard is created before your eyes.

The hand over the whiteboard draws the black-and-white visuals from scratch and this generates great intrigue and anticipation within the audience, compelling them to keep watching what’s next. This is an excellent advantage that leads to the whiteboard videos’s engaging storytelling abilities.

However, in order to create a good anticipation effect you need a professional whiteboard explainer video company.

Watch this great whiteboard animation video that we made:


3. Fun Animated Characters

This one’s extra, because not all explainer video companies add character animation to whiteboard videos. We do, because we firmly believe that they add a powerful human approach and make them way more fun to watch.

Look at how we used a funny animated character to lead this neat whiteboard video:


Now you’ve learned why whiteboard videos are so popular among online brands. Are you ready to make one to promote your business? Then give us a call!

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