If you want to stand out from the competition, be recognized as a referent in your niche and generate a strong engagement and trust to the point of increasing conversions and sales, you just have one single option:Customizing your video content. Read this blog post to understand why custom video content is a must for your marketing strategy!


It’s All About Customization

Not a subtle difference at all. Two worlds apart. Take a minute and try to imagine what a template video could look like: basic and standardized designs and animations, poor quality, sense of being bad and cheap...and all this ends up damaging your image and how your potential customers connect with your brand (which is vital if you intend to sell your products). On the other sidewalk, custom videos, made of high quality designs and animations, hugely engaging and memorable, and fully adapted to the needs and interests of your target audience. It seems you only have one way if you want to succeed with your marketing strategy…

CUSTOMIZATION, indeed :) And you could be asking yourself: “What does “customization” imply?”. Well, if we're thinking about an explainer video, consider this:

  • Choose the right video style: you have to carefully pick out the explainer video style you will develop. Remember that there are several types you can choose from (screencast videos, whiteboard videos, live action, character animation, etc.) and you have to pick the one that best fits with your target audience and marketing goals. Take a minute to watch this brief tutorial that quickly reviews the most popular explainer video styles:




  • Focus on your target audience: by fully customizing how the characters of the video look and behave you can generate a strong connection from the viewers towards the story that they're watching. Result: you will be increasing the engagement and trust towards your  brand!
  • Enhance your brand identity: if you apply your brand's colors across the entire video you will make it easy for your viewers to recognize who is behind that unique value proposition and they will feel much more confident to take the next step.

Tip: if you want to get more specific information about each of these bullets, read this article lo learn how you can customize your animated marketing video ;)

The Advantages Of Customizing Your Explainer Video

Still have doubts on whether to customize your videos or make them standard? These compelling benefits will eradicate any hesitations you may have!

#1: Target the right audience: if your target audience feels represented by the characters you're showing on screen (and their pain points) you will end up boosting your engagement rates dramatically.

#2: Stand out from competition: people are oversaturated with information. If you offer them relevant and interesting content that adapts to their needs you will undoubtedly gain a special place in their minds...and hearts.

#3: Generate trust: if you provide your prospects with valuable content and they feel that the video was specially made for them, you will stand out as a trusted reference in your niche. And hey...this is essential to increase leads!


Is that it? No, sir! Customizing your video content can offer many other advantages. If you don't believe me, check out these 7 dazzling benefits of customizing your video marketing content.

Finally, let me tell you that custom explainer videos are a great alternative to enhance your inbound marketing strategy. And, although they can be used in any of the 3 stages of the buyer's journey, they fit perfectly with the consideration stage. If you want to learn more about which type of video content you could use for each stage, check out this blog post in which we sum up the best video types for your marketing plan. See you there!


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