Have you considered using native video on Twitter as a new way to connect with your target audience and grow your follower base?

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In case you don't know it, native videos offer huge benefits over embedded videos. Twitter took more time to launch this feature but it’s finally here! And now it's your time to take advantage of it ;) Keep on reading and learn how you can leverage from it!

4 Benefits Of Using Native Video On Twitter

For a long time, you only had the chance to tweet a third-party video. Fortunately, now it's also possible to upload your own video directly to Twitter and have it play automatically. And this gives you several advantages. See below…

#1: More engagement

You may not have thought about it, but it's real, and proven: native videos on Twitter have better engagement on the platform than any other video content. This means that Twitter video is gaining more reach through interaction.

#2: Bye bye to intermediaries

Using native video on Twitter means that you don't need any other intermediary to post your video. Hence, we can infer that this increases the likelihood that people will stay on the social network instead of going to others' sites  and keep on surfing their content (instead of your feed).


#3: Create a video gallery

If you use native videos, you will end up creating a complete gallery of all of your videos. This makes it very simple for your users to find your content quickly and at any time. Moreover, it's a good way to extend the lifecycle of your videos, as they're easily searchable.  

#4 Enhance the brand-customer relationship

Providing your target audience with specific native video content (with no extra clicks for them to enjoy) is a good way to show them that you really want to offer them something valuable, and that you're not thinking of sales only. In a way, this interesting video content raises trust towards your brand.

How To Use Native Video On Twitter

Now that you know how beneficial native videos can be, let's see some ideas on how to incorporate them effectively into your social media strategy.


Why not use native video to reply to your followers about a specific inquiry, or even to give them a thanks for something? This is a great way to show your customers who is behind the brand and connect with them on a more personal level.



You can also leverage from native video to prepare your audience for a specific event: if you're about to make a special announcement or launch something, why not surprise your followers with some exclusive preview of what they will see in the short term, or even anticipate the launch date?


Native video also works well to educate, and also entertain, your followers about a specific topic. Through video, you can create content that is useful, informative and also fun to watch.


Behind the scenes

Want to go behind the scenes and show a little bit more about your company and brand? Workspace environments, products, internal processes, and members of your team work as great alternatives.

Are you ready to start using native videos? Share your feedback and tell us how it's going!

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