When developing an explainer video, don't forget about the Call To Action, a compelling word (or a brief sentence) that will make the viewer take immediate action in the direction you want.

Today we'll talk about how important it is to use CTAs in an effective way, and how you can add them to your video. Happy reading!

Why CTAs Are Important For Marketing

As we were saying, a Call To Action is some kind of instruction you give to your audience in order to provoke an immediate response. Generally, imperative verbs are used, such as “download now”, “subscribe today”, or “buy now”, among many others. In digital marketing, the CTA is usually a button with copy.

CTAs are highly important for marketing. For instance check the next one where clearly invites you to download Picniic's app at the end of their explainer video: 


Let me share with you some of the main reasons why this is the case:

#1: Valuable data: first of all: including a CTA in your marketing content is your big chance to get valuable data about your prospects. By simply asking them to fill out a form you can get their name, email, company, and any other information you may want.

#2: Get leads: you have a business, you want to make money... and to get to that point you need to generate leads -first-, and then spawn a sale. Call To Actions are a very valuable resource to get new leads.

#3: Tracking results: you have spent time and money developing your marketing materials. CTAs make it easy for you to track the effectiveness of your campaign and justify your ROI.

CTAs are important for every piece of content, whether it is a landing page, a website, a newsletter, a marketing video, or any other resource. In video marketing, you have different alternatives to include your Call To Actions. Let's dive deeper into this.

Now check Picniic's video and see what we mean:

How To Add Call To Actions To Your Explainer Videos

When developing your video, pay special attention to the Call To Action, which will be your key ally to increase conversions. You have different options to add them:

  • Include it in the script of your video: here you have two different options:
    • Vocal CTA: if your animated video has a voice-over you can add a vocal Call To Action. The great advantage about this is that a human voice tends to transmit confidence and be highly persuasive.
    • Text CTA: another alternative is using a text Call To Action, which is very useful if you need to use (or want your viewers to remember) some specific information that would be hard to remember if it wasn't read, such as a URL, a promotional code, or something else.
  • Use the embedding options of the hosting platform or social network: whether you upload your video to a social network like Facebook or Twitter, or host it on a video hosting platform, such as Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube, you will have many different alternatives provided by these services to include your CTAs, such as YouTube Cards, gates on Wistia, or a CTA button on Facebook, just to name a few.

Piece of advice: you could be asking yourself…”Is it better to include a vocal CTA or a text CTA?” Well, we recommend that you use both. This way you will increase your chances of generating the response you're looking for.

Last but not least, don't miss this blog post with complementary information about how to include CTAs in your animated marketing video.
Do you have any other tips that have worked well in your campaigns?

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