There is no denying numbers! 2017 will be a big year for online video marketing.


By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all web traffic. Enough reason for you to start thinking about it right away! You don’t want to miss out, or your competitors will be doing all the talking. Know the facts and figures behind this trend and why you should also be hopping in.


65% of video watchers go through more than three quarters of a video

A custom explainer video can portray your target as cute and funny characters, talk about your product or service yet focus on your buyer’s problems and engage in compelling storytelling. Enough reasons for people to stick until the very end!

Videos have the great aid of imagery, animation and sound to create magical worlds that people can love and relate to. Maybe for this reason, 65% of video watchers go through more than three quarters of a video. They have really high retention rates!

how to use video for inbound marketing

59% of senior executives would rather watch video

That is to say, if given the choice between text and video on the same topic, most of them would rather watch video.

How can this be? Our education systems have always focused on reading, but videos are changing the game as they are a much easier way to process text. In fact, videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. As humans, we are hardwired to avoid demanding cognitive strain, so this tendency will, more often than not, make us choose videos instead of text.

500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day

… and Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos a day and 82% of Twitter users watch video on the platform. In other words, video is extremely social!

Because of all of its resources, videos can convey emotions in a pretty quick and effective way. And if we’re talking about engaging content, you know social media is the place to post it: after sharing a pro video, your feed will most surely flood with reactions, comments and shares.

What is more, social media companies know this, so for the last few years they have been preparing their platforms for video… and are actually rewarding this type of content with higher reach than other types.

33% of people watch at least an hour of video on their tablets

And 28% of smartphone users watch a video on their devices at least once a day. Mobility is the future of the internet, and videos are great content for this. Think about it: they adjust easily to any screen size, are perfect for tiny screens –while text and infographics aren’t– and demand little time to convey a message. On top of that, you can upload higher quality videos than ever before because internet connections are getting faster and mobile gadgets, smarter.

Videos are also highly successful because they are versatile creatures! That is why you can use them for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Explainer videos, for instance, have many different approaches like whiteboard animation, motion graphics, character animation and so on. If you’d like to learn more about all you can do with an explainer video, see what the best explainer video style is for your business in erm, well… this lovely explainer video we made:

Thanks for watching! See you around to keep on learning more about video marketing.


explainer videos the ultimate marketing tool


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