Wistia is one of the main tracking platforms you can find out there on the web

They are constantly providing their readers and customers with valuable information about its product and the video marketing analytics world in general.


Wistia has recently carried out a study among their own users and collected useful data about video conversion, and in this blog post we'll share with you some key findings. Read on!

Getting To Know Wistia.

As we were saying in the introduction, Wistia is one of the leading video marketing platforms for business: it not only provides video hosting, but also offers marketing tools and in-depth video analytics. We ourselves, at Yum Yum, use this platform to upload our explainer videos and track the metrics we care about most.

Tip: would you like to know how we track our videos performance? Read this article and learn what mix of tools works best for us.

Wistia periodically reveals interesting stats about how their customers are using their product. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, they published a guide on how people use Call To Actions in their videos. But today we want to provide you with some other specific information: to understand Timeline Actions in depth and how to use them to improve the performance of your videos (and ultimately, conversions). Of course, these conclusions are taken from Wistia´s study. Keep on reading and learn more!

Key Findings

First, let's understand what Timeline Actions mean for Wistia. As they say, each Timeline Action performs a specific task:

- Call to Action: CTAs are perfect if you want to promote a new product or feature and want to lead your audience to go to a product page after watching the video.

- Turnstile: the Turnstile is Wistia´s email collector. It's highly useful if you're trying to build an email list around your video content or if you want to stay in touch with the viewers.

- Annotation link: if you want to give specific information during your video and you want to direct people to the right pages, annotation links are a great choice.

Now, let's go over the key findings of the study:

#1: How often each timeline is used.

- CTAs are the most popular Timeline Action used by Wistia´s users: 62.1% of customized Wistia videos are using a Call To Action in their videos. 
- Turnstiles can be found in 34.5% of videos that use Timeline Actions.
- Annotations represent just 3.4% of these videos. 

#2: Timeline action convertion rates.

- Wistia Calls to Action have an average conversion rate of 11.04%.

- Turnstiles (7.2%) and annotation links (3.4%) appear to not convert as well, but the data is somewhat misleading: Turnstiles have higher stakes (they ask for an email address instead of a click), and annotation links don't stop the video when they show. Generally, the lower the stakes are, the simpler it is to promote an action, so comparing conversion rates among these three can be quite “unfair”. 

#3: Using all three timeline actions.

- Fleetio´s feature overview videos combines the Turnstile to capture emails, annotation links to offer live demos, and a CTA to lead viewers in the direction they want.  

- While this combination works very well for Fleetio, Wistia recommends that it´s not always the best choice for every company, and that you should choose the Timeline Action that best fits your video (each Timeline Action has a specific goal, and so do your videos).


Call To Actions seem to have the highest conversion rates, but despite this, Wistia offers different Timeline Actions, and each of them perform a specific job in your video:

- Do you want to drive people from your video to your site, or perform a specific action? Then use a Call To Action.

- Do you want to capture emails? Turnstile is the best choice.

- Would you like to show people, in a simple and clear way, where to find more information? Use an Annotation Link. 

Great valuable data from Wistia! If you want to get further information on how to include Call To Actions in your videos, check out this blog post.

We also recommend that you go over these tips on how to start analyzing the key performance indicators of your videos and which tracking tools you should use. Happy reading!

Source: Wistia 

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