Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-HOLLYWOOD-thumbThis title alone sounds amazing! Because writing in “the Hollywood way” is awesome without a doubt. But even more awesome are all the benefits you’ll get once your animated explainer video is done in the Hollywood way.

Let’s put it like this: the script is the heart of your video. If it’s good and well written, you’ll draw more chances to get what you want, which for sure is to increase your sales. But whether you’re going to hire an explainer video production company or write your own script yourself, you must know how to do it as engaging as Hollywood movies.


Classic and also mainstream Hollywood films, from Psycho to Avengers: Age Of Ultron, have the same 3-act structure: beginning, middle and end. The secret to writing your script the Hollywood way is by following the same structure.

In the case of animated marketing videos, the structure turns into: the beginning – what is the problem that your brand is here to solve; the middle – how does your product or service solves it; and the end – why should people choose your brand among the competition.


1st Act. Beginning: or the “What” part

In every Hollywood movie, the beginning works to capture the audience’s attention and in an animated explainer video, the “What” part works in the exact same way.

In order to achieve this with your video, you must focus only on the problems your audience has, not on your brand. After all, your audience  usually bumps into your video looking for a solution to their problem. Be sure not to put your product’s features over your audience necessities.

Once you have this covered, you’ll have them hooked into your video and you can move on to the next step, being sure they’ll stay in tune.

Look how our fun animated marketing video focuses just on the audience's problems up to 0:40:


2nd Act. Middle: or the “How” part

In the Hollywood movies, the excitement of the story reaches its peak in this stage. The same happens in an animated marketing video script.

This is the moment when your brand appears as the ultimate savior. In this part, you have to show the audience how your service or product can solve their problems.

The “How” stage usually begins when the brand logo shows up for the first time or when the brand name is first mentioned. Remember, you are your target’s hero and your script has to show it.

See how the brand appears only half way through this animated marketing video, after discussing the audience’s problems:


3rd Act. End: or the “Why” part

The question to answer here is: Why should your audience choose your company among others that offer the same solution?


The previous stage is not enough to convince the audience. Sure they know your brand can solve their problems, but to make them become your customers they need more information. So in this part, it’s your time to knock out the completion by finally explaining your product’s features.

Tell your audience what you have and your competitors don’t, also prove to them that you are the best option in the market.

This part is mostly about selling; so don’t make it too long and bore the viewer.


Stages Combined

Sometimes people can get confused between the “How” and “Why”. This misunderstanding  is more than common because there’s a fine line that divides both of these stages.

In some cases, “how” to solve the problem is exactly the same as “why” they have to choose your company, so both answers can be equal. If this happens, don’t you worry; it’s not a big deal. Just write different drafts of your script and at the end select the one that suits you best.


The Winning Move

So far, we already know how to make an animated explainer video script in the Hollywood way but we’re missing one crucial part: the Call to Action or CTA.

After the “Why” part, we’ve already convinced the audience, but if we don’t tell them what to do next, all of our efforts could have been lost. Don’t let this happen and ask your viewer to purchase your product, share the video online, or subscribe to a mailing list, for example and so on.

The goal is for your audience to actually perform what you’re asking them to, so always remember to add a compelling CTA at the end of your marketing video script.

Check the final CTA at 1:25 on this cute animated marketing video of ours:



Following all of these steps for sure you’ll have a script just as engaging as the ones that are made in Hollywood.

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