You want to make the best explainer video to promote your brand, but you have no idea where to start. Well, we’ll tell you exactly where: by writing the script!

But are you planning to do it on your own or are you seeking professional assistance?

Whatever the case is, we’ll explain to you why it’s so important to count on the guidance of an expert when writing your marketing video script.


The script determines everything


We don’t want to scare you, but the script is going to determine if your video will be good or bad. The script is the basis of every marketing video, because it’s where you decide what message you’re going to deliver.

What the characters will say (if there is dialog), what the voice actor is going to narrate, and what the storyline will be, are things that the script must contain. So the time of writing should be a moment of creativity, where you sit and plan in your mind what the marketing video will be like and therefore you can translate it all into words. 

If you don’t know how to pull this off, then you need the assistance of professionals. Bear in mind that scriptwriting can’t be done by just any person. This is actually a career and people spend a long time studying to become scriptwriters, and what does this tell us? That writing a script is not a piece of cake!


It’s not just typing!

Contrary to what you may think, scriptwriting is not just typing the idea you have in your mind. When writing a marketing video script, you need to take many things into consideration, like -for example- focusing merely on your audience, because after all, the animated marketing video is directed to them.

With professional assistance, you’ll be able to include in your script everything that is necessary to make the best explainer video possible, like using the right words to get to your target audience, because it’s not the same to talk to 20 years-old boys as talking to 45 years-old mothers.

When writing, think of what your audience will want to hear, make emphasis on their problem and on how your brand can solve it.

Watch this video to see how we managed to create a story that was directed to bar owners and young musicians.


More is not always better

Animated marketing videos are conceived to explain a product or service in a short, fast and entertaining way. When we create it this way, we’re losing the entire essence of animated explainer videos.

By this we mean: you need to make your marketing video script short. You may have tons of ideas in your mind and you want to develop them all and that’s awesome, but when writing your marketing video script you need to synthesize and an expert will know exactly how to do just that.

If your video is more than two minutes long, people will get bored and the chances will increase that they won’t watch it till the end. With professional guidance, your script will surely have the right length to explain everything there is to explain and without dropped views.

The recommended length of an animated explainer video, in our experience, is 90 seconds, which is translated into 240 written words. Note that one minute of video is equal to 180 words, if the words are read at the right speed, neither too slow nor too fast.

Here’s how in exactly 30 seconds we get to explain the whole concept of this app:


A structure must be followed

Do you know what the classical script structure is? If the answer is no, then you definitely need the assistance of an expert.

Commercial Hollywood movies use a script structure that we can follow as well to make animated marketing videos. And at Yum Yum we do it, but we add a tiny little twist to make it more adequate, leaving it like this:

1. Beginning or “What”: In this stage we say “What” the problem your target audience has. This way, they’ll feel like you know them and understand their needs. Here is the time you should only talk about your audience and nothing else.

2. Middle or “How”: In this second stage, it’s time to say “How” your brand solves the problem your audience has. Show yourself as the savior of the day. Here is when you can mention your brand’s name for the first time.

3. End or “Why”: This is the final stage. Explain “Why” your brand is the choice to go for among the competition.

Sometimes the “How” and the “Why” can have the same answer. If this is the case, don’t worry because it’s ok anyway. 


Don’t forget the call-to-action!

A professional scriptwriter will know that at the end of every animated marketing video script, a call-to-action must be added. This is as simple as telling your audience what to do now.

You can invite them to buy your product, download an eBook, share the video online, etc. This will help viewers convert into your customers.

Watch a perfect example of how to add a call-to-action to your marketing video:


Now that you’ve read all of this information, do you still think you don’t need the guidance of a professional? If the answer is no, then contact us and we’ll help you all the way till the end, so you can have the best explainer video made!

But if you believe you don’t need professional assistance, then we hope these tips will help you out, as well as our free educational eBook “How to write an explainer video script”.


You can also visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find more eBooks, plus infographics and slides with guidelines about the video marketing world! Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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