Whenever our clients at Yum Yum Videos come to us with the idea of making their custom explainer video, they are super enthusiastic with ideas about what they want to show about their product or service.

The thing is, who cares?

Today, people are overwhelmed with massive amounts of information all the time, especially on the web. The last thing they need to see is another boring ad! An effective explainer video, thus, focuses on a different subject: your viewers. But how do you achieve making an explainer video about your audience that is actually about you too?

The key is following a smart explainer video script! The basic layout is as follows:

  1. What is the problem your target audience is suffering from?
  2. How can your product help solve it?
  3. Why should your target audience choose you over others?


explainer video step by step

#1. The Beginning, Or “What”

As you can see, the first step is all about your viewers. For this reason, it is necessary that you investigate your audience thoroughly before writing your script. Who will you be talking to? Think about their gender, nationality, lifestyle, personality and so on. And investigate what their pain points are: those uncomfortable problems they struggle with that your product or service can solve.

Yummy Tip: To think in terms of your audience, portraying your buyer persona is a great idea. It is a thorough representation of who your imaginative buyer is, condensed into one person. It usually ends up being the main character of your explainer video!

As you can see, with deep analysis of your audience, characters can get quite real.

#2. The Middle, or “How”

In this second instance, you should explain how your product can solve your customer's’ problems. Remember: it is only by addressing their specific pain points that this part of your video will stay relevant and true to the promise of helping them tackle the situation.

The approach is quite simple if you think about it this way!

#3. The Conclusion, or “Why”

This is the most salesy part of your video, the part in which you can display the attributes and magic of your product in all its glory! But wait… how can you do this without losing your focus on the people?

The solution is offering information about your product or service, but only the amount and type that will help your buyers find a solution to a problem of their own. Remember: inbound marketing is all about offering people content that will be valuable and useful to them.

For that reason, you should make a maximum effort of talking about you but shifting the focus of your information in relation to what it would be in a traditional ad. People evaluate content on how it affects them, not brands.

In other words, don’t get boring with details and only share that which will help people build credibility and trust towards your brand. Eureka!

As you can see, making a smart explainer video is all about focusing more on your target audience than your business. If you make an explainer video with which people can relate to, your engagement rates will rise. And that means more completions of your call to action!

Have you tried video marketing before? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below! If you are interested in knowing more about how an explainer video can help your business, take a bite of our completely free Video Marketing Resources and discover how yummy tailor-made videos can be. Enjoy! ☺ 


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