Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-YOUTUBE-CARDS-THUMBAll the major social networks are fighting over video marketing and YouTube doesn’t want to be left behind. The video hosting juggernaut has just released a new feature called YouTube Cards that will be of great help for marketing video campaigns. Are you going to miss it?



This is the explainer video YouTube made about their new feature:

One of the biggest issues with marketing videos on YouTube was that every annotation and link on the video could lead you to another YouTube site (channels, subscriptions or other hosted videos) but not to your own website (missing the chance to guide new leads towards it).

The only way to do this was to link your site on the description area or place a small single call-to-action on the bottom left corner.

Luckily, all of these problems are history! With the brand-new Cards feature, YouTube allows you to place multiple calls-to-action to the right of your video and they will lead to any Google-registered website.

Here’s what they look like:



The brand-new feature allows you to place up to 5 call-to-action cards on each video that can be easily scrolled through.

The other great advantage of these new cards is that they can be shown at any time during the video! By hovering over the video, a small icon with an exclamation mark appears and then when clicking on it, the cards menu displays.

Once used, YouTube Cards remain quite visible below the video frame also, so they’re quite easy to find.



Another well-thought out new feature is that YouTube Cards have a responsive design. This means that they work perfectly on mobile devices!



And there’s more: these cards will also feature in YouTube Analytics, allowing you to find out which card performed better with your target audience and which ones weren’t such a great success.

Great, isn’t it?


Once more, YouTube reassures that marketing videos are the future of online marketing!

This new feature will help explainer videos lead more potential customers to their brand’s websites and landing pages, allowing advertisers to try promotions and different calls-to-action, making their video marketing strategies way more efficient.


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