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YouTube is constantly looking for new ways to improve their user experience, but in this opportunity it has gone beyond that; they launched a new app that enables users in specific countries to save certain videos for offline usage. Read on and get all the details!


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The Problem

As there are still many countries with low Internet penetration, this is a huge challenge for Internet-based services. As a worldwide leader in its niche, YouTube decided to get down to work and find an effective solution for those who have Internet limitations and want to access their service: they've recently launched YouTube Go, a mobile app that aims at reducing the gap between those who have Internet access and those who don't. The feature has become very popular in emerging countries where many people face connectivity issues.

The Solution

YouTube Go is an extension of YouTube's offline mode which launched in 2014. It's a low-data, low-connectivity solution to get YouTube in the hands of millions of users in emerging mobile markets. It not only works with little-to-no connectivity, but also uses less data and delivers better recommendations and social experiences.

With YouTube Go, users can go to the app (whether on Android or on iOS) and save a video for later viewing. The video will be remain there for 48 hours after downloading it. What else? It gives the user the chance to preview videos before downloading them, establish data limits and resolution settings before watching the videos, and share clips with nearby friends.


So far, the app has been tested with hundreds of users in 15 cities across India, and has also recently been launched in Pakistan. Of course, YouTube aims at releasing the app for more users in the upcoming months, before they make a wide release in early 2017.

YouTube Go is definitely a great alternative both for content producers and fans. The first ones will be able to spread their voice about what they do, and fans will have access to their favorite content.

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