After having your marketing video done, you will probably ask yourself: “where should I host it”?

If you do some research on Google and look for keywords such as “video hosting services”, you will find a lot of alternatives out there. Today we want to focus on just three, which are probably the most popular and also the most complete options on the net: we're talking about YouTube, Video and Wistia (you've already heard about them, right?).

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Each of these services has their own advantages, style and target audience. And each of them can be useful for your strategy - even a combination of them all!  Would you like to know the main benefits that each one provides? Keep on reading! This data will certainly help you out in this decision.

YouTube start, the giant YouTube is the second most popular search engine, and it ranks really well on Google, especially with keywords containing words like “video” (but, at the same time, that traffic goes to their own platform, not to your website). It´s also the #3 largest social network. YouTube is also top of mind: it's the first option people choose when talking about video sharing platforms. Additionally, it's free, easy to use and simple to set up.

We said it's a “social network” (with all its benefits, of course!) But it's not a business network. This means that you'll have to adapt to YouTube's look and feel and you won't be able to customize your video according to your brand guidelines. Another downside: although it has pretty good video analytics, they're not as exhaustive as the ones from Wistia, for instance.

Tip: placing your video on YouTube implies that you'll have huge competition. In order to improve your position in its rankings, you need to set up a SEO strategy that lets you gain more visibility and exposure. Download this eBook and get some useful data on how to get to the first positions on this platform.

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We could say that Vimeo has a more “artistic” idiosyncrasy: it´s commonly used by specific niches related to design, movies, art and stuff. It also has a cleaner design when compared to YouTube. Regarding visualization, it also gives videos some kind of elegant and sophisticated “touch”. More pros? Vimeo has many years in the market and has a huge community.

As a downside, the video analytics are quite basic. Just like YouTube, Vimeo is not very helpful in terms of SEO, as it drives traffic to its own site and not to yours.

You can find different pricing plans (Basic -which is free-, Plus, and Pro) according to your needs.



Wistia is another hosting site with great services. By the way, it´s the one we use at Yum Yum! Its interface is clean and user-friendly. One of the best things about Wistia is that it offers great branding options: you can customize the appearance of the video to make it blend with your page. Additionally, it enables you to add social buttons, clickable Calls To Action, and gates (these are forms that enable users to continue watching the video). Wistia also has a robust video analytics dashboard, with useful visual information to fully understand how your videos are performing.

As a con, we could say that Wistia can be quite costly: the free plan gives you space for only 5 videos. After that, pricing ranges from $25 to $300 per month. 


Now that you know the different options to host your marketing videos, why not take some time to get some information on video analytics? You can start with this special article in which we go over 3 basic tips to analyze the impact your explainer video has on your audience. Additionally, you can learn how we, at Yum Yum, track our videos performance on different channels. Try these tips out!

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